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Muskingum College faculty and students make major contributions to new text on American politics

FEBRUARY 11, 2004 - Three Muskingum College faculty members and three of its alumni have contributed one-third of the articles found in a new text, American Politics: Transformation and Change. The book has just been released by Pearson Custom Publishing of Boston, Massachusetts.

Assistant Professor of Political Science Dr. Walter Huber contributed two articles. The Challenge to Separation of Powers explores the traditional separation of power theory posited by the founding fathers and juxtaposes it with the administrative state theory of American government put forth by President Woodrow Wilson. Urban Sprawl, the American Dream Reconsidered outlines what urban sprawl is and discusses costs and benefits of this development pattern for individuals, the city and the nation.

Visiting Instructor of Political Science Charles Ellis published Subcommittees in the U.S. House of Representatives. The article examines the impact of the increasing number and importance of legislative subcommittees on the legislative process.

Instructor of Political Science Dr. Brian King published Do Presidents Learn? Presidential Crisis Management and Organizational Learning. The article examines how presidents and their staffs learn how to deal with crisis situations, what types of management styles facilitate learning and which types discourage adaptation.

The Electoral College and the 2000 Presidential Election was published by 2003 alumni Jewerl Maxwell, James Hockaday and Thomas Petropoulous who, at the time they submitted the articles, were undergraduate students at Muskingum. Maxwell and Hockaday have since gone on to graduate studies at Miami University of Ohio, and Petropoulous is attending graduate school at Ohio University. Their article examines the true role played by the Electoral College in national elections and specifically addresses whether or not that system failed in the controversial presidential election of 2000.

American Politics: Transformation and Change is available from Pearson Custom Publishing, 75 Arlington Street, Suite 300, Boston, Massachusetts 02116 and at