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City of Cambridge awards key to the city in recognition of work by Muskingum College professor

FEBRUARY 9, 2004 - Cambridge Mayor Sam Salupo recently awarded the key to the city to Muskingum College Assistant Professor of Political Science Dr. Walter Huber who has helped the City of Cambridge complete a wide range of complex and important projects.

Among these have been the city's constitutionally required redistricting, the redevelopment of its downtown area and an analysis of the future of its park system, as well as a study of the relationship between crime and geography.

The key to the city is a significant honor. "I really can't overstate the importance of what Dr. Huber and his students have done," Mayor Salupo said. "In a community like ours, resources are always limited but the demands on those resources are unlimited. Muskingum has provided us with invaluable resources that we otherwise would not have."

Mayor Salupo has been particularly impressed with the students involved in these projects. "I haven't met one student from Muskingum who would not be fully qualified, right now, to accept a professional position with this city or one similar to it. The commitment they've shown is hard to describe."

Muskingum College President Anne C. Steele recognized the extraordinary achievement and said, "These faculty members and students demonstrate the very best of what Muskingum College represents: a commitment to excellence and innovation in education that not only impacts the students themselves, but the communities in which they live. That is the kind of contribution for which our faculty and students are known."

Dr. Huber concluded, "This recognition really goes to our students and to Muskingum College. Without that combined effort and support, none of this would be possible."