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New program "JUMPSTARTS" opportunities for teachers and students

APRIL 18, 2003 - Muskingum College has good news for those who aspire to be special education teachers, as well as for parents who have children with special needs.

This summer's JUMPSTART Program at the college will dramatically accelerate the preparation process for special education teachers and, as a result, address a severe regional shortage in that field.

The program, set for July 7 through August 15 is a radical departure from what most people assume is a much longer process for preparation of teachers.

This six-week program will offer 15 semester hours of graduate credit for those considering a career as a licensed Intervention Specialist who is prepared to work with students with mild to moderate disabilities. The program is also designed for those already-licensed professionals who need to earn a temporary license in Special Education.

The 15 hours of credit include the following courses: Phonics and the Reading Process; Serving Individuals with Exceptionalities; Instruction Adaptation and Assessment in Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science; and Proactive Approaches to Classroom Management.

During the six-week term, JUMPSTART participants will also complete fieldwork in a summer camp for students with mild to moderate disabilities.

An additional Saturday class meeting each month throughout the year is required and will yield the student another six semester hours of graduate credit which will help meet licensure requirements. Students can continue to work toward a master's degree by completing additional courses with other graduate students throughout the school year and following summer.

For further information or to apply for enrollment, contact Dr. Linda Morrow at 740-826-8038.