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Muskingum College Emeritus Professor Dr. Robert Munkres publishes new book on the Oregon Trail

APRIL 18, 2003 - Muskingum College Emeritus Professor of Political Science Dr. Robert Munkres is fascinated by the trails that took Americans westward. As a result, he has combined his personal interest and his professional study to publish Saleratus & Sagebrush: People & Places on the Road West, just released by New Concord Press.

Saleratus & Sagebrush chronicles the journeys and lives of many of those who traveled west. Stories about the famous and indispensable Fort Bridger and Fort Laramie, the fork in the road at Soda Springs, women's lives on the trail, the family dog, and tales of Indians--friendly and not-so-friendly-are enhanced by photographs and several reproductions of works by William Henry Jackson.

Except by historians, some of the members of the Bidwell-Bartleson party, for example, have been all but forgotten. This group was the first true emigrant train to cross South Pass, according to Dr. Munkres. He went on to explain that while the memory of these people has faded, the road west which they followed has not, since they took the legendary Oregon Trail.

Saleratus and Sagebrush includes listings and citations of more than 160 surnames of those mentioned in the book, which retails for $19.95 plus tax and shipping. It is immediately available from New Concord Press by calling 800-659-9442. The book will also be available at selected retail sites, including the Muskingum College bookstore.