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Research Databases

Chicano Database | off-campus access
Index to resources on Mexican-American and Latino topics. more information

Clase and Periodica | off-campus access
Index of Latin American journals in the sciences and humanities. more information

Economia y Negocios
Citations in Spanish for articles on business and economics. more information

FRANCIS (international humanities and social sciences) | off-campus access
Index to multilingual, multidisciplinary information in the humanities, social sciences, and economics. more information

Fuente Academic
Scholarly journal articles in Spanish, covering many academic areas. more information

Handbook of Latin American Studies Online and Handbook of Latin American Studies Web
HLAS is a selective annotated bibliography of scholarly works on Latin America. HLAS Online covers v.1 (1936 to present) while HLAS Web covers v.50 (1990 to present). more information

Medical research and investigative journal articles in Spanish. more information

MLA International Bibliography
Index to books and articles on modern languages, literatures, folklore, and linguistics. more information

University of Pittsburgh Press Digital Editions
Full text of 39 titles covering Latin American politics, society, economics, and culture - with particular strength in the disciplines of politics and history.

Digital Media Databases
Foreign Language Video Instruction
Brief video clips of native speakers in non-English languages. more information

Mayan Archaeology Digital Photographs
Mayan architecture and scenery from Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala. more information

Reference Books
Enciclopedia Universal en Español
The Spanish edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica. Includes or has links to full text. more information

Diccionario de Los Idiomas Ingles y Espanol (REF PC 4640.V5)
Located in the Ready Reference section, this resource is a Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictionary.

Diccionario de La Lengua Espanola (REF PC 46624 .A3 1984)
Two-volume Spanish dictionary.

NTC’s Dictionary of Spanish False Cognates (REF PC 4593 .P7)
Dictionary which defines Spanish words that look very similar to English words but have different meanings.

History and Culture
Brazil: A Global Studies Handbook
Single source providing an overview of the geography, history, economy, politics, and culture of Brazil.

Cuba: A Global Studies Handbook
Single source providing an overview of the geography, history, economy, politics, and culture of Cuba.

Encyclopedia of European Social History: From 1350 to 2000 (REF HN 373. E63 2001)
Six-volume resource containing 209 articles focused on the development of European society. Articles are signed and include bibliographies for further reading.

Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture (REF F 1406 .E53 1996)
Five-volume encyclopedia with over 5,000 entries covering Latin American countries, key figures, peoples, events, terms, and more. Each article is signed by the author.

Encyclopedia of the Spanish-American and Philippine-American Wars
This encyclopedia includes articles on the battles, campaigns, people, and political issues during the Spanish-American and Philippine-American Wars. Provides in depth coverage of the US as a colonial power through the acquisition of the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

Hispanics in the American West
This reference books provides a history of hispanics in the west. Includes maps and photos.

Iberia and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History
This encyclopedia includes 400 articles detailing the political, foreign policy, and cultural relationship between Spain, Portugal, and the United States since the time of Columbus.

Mexico: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary Culture and History
This encyclopedia includes articles exploring the political, economic, social, and cultural history of Mexico from the 1900s to the present.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures (REF F 1218.6 .O95 2001)
Three-volume encyclopedia covering Mesoamerican cultures, peoples, goods, art, traditions, and more. Articles are signed and include bibliographies for further reading.

The Peoples of the Caribbean: An Encyclopedia of Archaeology and Traditional Culture
This encyclopedia contains over 500 entires detailing the archaeology and traditional culture of the Caribbean.

Pop Culture Latin America!: Media, Arts, and Lifestyle
This reference book covers the wide variety of pop culture in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Dictionary of Chicano Folklore
This dictionary includes over 200 entries covering the religious, social, artistic, and cultural heritage folklore of Mexican Americans.

Modern Latin American Literature (REF PQ 7081 .F63)
Two-volume resource which lists Latin American authors from the twentieth century and provides criticism on their works.

Current Print Titles


Full Text Titles in the Electronic Journal Center
Humanities title list
Language and literature title list

Web Sites
iLoveLanguages: Spanish         
Provides links to hundreds of websites that contain language dictionaries, translations, organizations, and more.

Learn Spanish
Great site for learning or practicing your Spanish language skills.  Contains a tutorials on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.  Also offers verb drills, word-a-day, cultural notes, and more.

Librarians' Internet Index: Spanish
All kinds of resources related to Spain and the Spanish language, including online dictionaries, cultural sites, and more; all selected for quality by librarians.

LinguaWeb: Spanish
Good resource for beginning language learners.  Contains games, reading exercises, and quizzes.

MLA Language Map
Allows you to graph the number of speakers of a particular language on a U.S. map or individual state map.  Also allows you to compare two maps and contains detailed information for states, cities, or zip codes.

Spanish Language News & Magazines
An exhaustive list of Spanish publications on the Web.

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