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About Muskingum Library Guides

Finding your guide

Muskingum University Library is using LibGuides to offer you resources. The guides will contain links to useful materials for your classes and research such as books, databases and helpful instructions. You can access these guides by clicking on the Course Guides or Subject Guides links to your left. The following types of guides are currently available:

  • Course Guides - A librarian or instructor may have created a guide specific to your class.
  • Subject Guides - These guides contain resources organized by academic discipline.
  • Citation Guides - These currently support MLA, APA and Turabian/Chicago style.
  • Additional Tools - As needed, librarians are building guides for special tools, such as Zotero.

Finding a Subject Guide:

1. Click on Subject Guides from the Library Home page.

2. If you do not find the guide you want under "most popular guides" use the search box or click on Browse All Guides. These features are indicated by the red arrow on the picture to your right.

3. Click on the guide name you want.

Navigating a guide

1. When you enter a guide you will be looking at the Home tab.

2. Use the tabs located near the top of the guide (indicated by the red arrow to your right).

Help develop a guide

1. You can leave comments on a guide. Comments will be sent to librarians. Let us know how you used the guide or provide suggestions for resources and layout.

2. If you would like a librarian to develop a new guide for your class or a special tool, contact the library at:

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