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Archive Holdings
Below you will find the general organization of the archives. We are in the process of validating the contents of the archives and converting to EAD finding aids.

A. History of the College
A-1 Thomas Berkshire’s History
A-2 Historical Sketches
A-3 College Seal, Charter, Constitution and By-Laws
A-4 General History (College and Non-college)

B. Board of Trustees
B-1 Minutes and Actions
B-2 Correspondence, Member Lists, Reports and Contributors
B-3 Reports: President to Board and North Central to Board
B-4 Board Committees

C. The Presidency
C-1 Nineteenth Century Presidents
C-2 J. Knox Montgomery Sr.
C-3 Robert N. Montgomery
C-4 Glen McConaugha
C-5 Harry Manley
C-6 William Miller
C-7 John Anthony Brown
C-8 Arthur DeJong
C-9 Samuel Speck
C-10 Anne Steele

D. Administrative Offices
D-1 Vice President
D-2 Financial
D-3 Physical Plant and Campus Buildings
D-4 Public Relations
D-5 Affiliate and Government Reports
D-6 Personnel Office

E. Academic Offices
E-1 Academic Dean
E-2 Auxiliary Academic Programs
E-3 Registrar and Admissions
E-4 Faculty
E-5 Student Academic Work
E-6 Computer Center

F. Instructional Offices
F-1 General Education and Divisional Organization
F-2 Departments
F-3 Interdepartmental Programs
F-4 Library and Archives
F-5 Calendar and Curriculum

G. Student Offices
G-1 Dean of Men
G-2 Dean of Women
G-3 Student Affairs: Counseling & Testing, Orientation, Placement
G-4 Dean of Students

H. Celebrations, Anniversaries and Events
H-1 Inaugurations
H-2 Farewells, Retirements, Memorial Services
H-3 Anniversaries
H-4 Founders Day
H-5 Centennial
H-6 Commencements, Honorary Degrees
H-7 John Glenn Celebration
H-8 Annual Events
H-9 Special College Events

I .Wartime Experiences
I-1 World War I
I-2 World War II
I-3 Since 1950

J. Campus Publications
J-1 Campus Information
J-2 Student Publications

K. Student Government
K-1 Student Council/Senate
K-2 Community Council
K-3 Judiciary Board
K-4 Centerboard
K-5 Class Organizations
K-6 Student Honor Senate

L Social Regulations
L-1 Dancing
L-2 Tobacco
L-3 Alcohol
L-4 Drugs
L-5 General Regulations
L-6 Student Handbook
L-7 Association of Women Students

M. Student Organizations
M-1 Departmental Organizations and Honoraries
M-2 Literary Societies
M-3 Special Interest Groups
M-4 Scholastic Honoraries

N. Social Clubs
N-1 Men’s Interclub
N-2 Women’s Interclub
N-3 Rushing
N-4 Independents
N-5 Fraternities and Sororities
N-6 Non-club and General Social Life

O. Cultural Events
O-1 Chapel and Convocation
O-2 Artist-Lecture Series
O-3 Art Shows and College Art Collection
O-4 Fine Arts Festival
O-5 Motion Pictures and Plays
O-6 Miscellaneous Music Programs
O-7 Woodrow Wilson Speakers
O-8 Miscellaneous Speakers

P. Sports
P-1 History of Athletics
P-2 Schedules/Budgets
P-3 Songs and Yells
P-4 Baseball
P-5 Basketball
P-6 Football
P-7 Swimming and Diving
P-8 Track, Golf, Tennis, and Cross Country
P-9 Wrestling
P-10 Women’s Sports
P-11 Intramurals

Q. Alumni
Q-1 Class Notes and Letters
Q-2 Alumni Associations
Q-3 Reunions
Q-4 Individuals
- Agnes Moorehead Collection
- Agnes Moorehead Papers located at the Wisconsin Historical Society
Q-5 Alumni Data
Q-6 Directories

R. Assimilate Colleges
R-1 New Concord Academies
R-2 McCorkle College
R-3 Ohio Central/Iberia College
R-4 Franklin College

S. Presbyterian Church

T. Local History
T-1 New Concord and Union Township
T-2 Bloomfield and Highland Township
T-3 Rix Mills and Rich Hill Township
T-4 Otsego and Monroe Township
T-5 Zanesville and Muskingum County
T-6 Other Muskingum County Townships
T-7 Cambridge and Guernsey County
T-8 Cemeteries
T-9 Genealogy
T-10 Miscellaneous Ohio History

U. General History

V. Rollin Allen Collection
V-1 Allen Gamily Biographical
V-2 Correspondence
V-3 Diaries
V-4 Genealogy Research
V-5 Museum Records
V-6 Writings
V-7 Local history
V-8 Memorabilia
V-9 Photographs

Special Collections Holdings
Special collections have records in the Muskingum Library Catalog and show a location code of MUSKINGUM SPECIAL COLL. These items are library use only. Contact a Librarian if you would like to use an item for the special collections.

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