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Volleyball : Rules
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Standard volleyball rules will be followed with some modifications:
  - Each standard playing date, you play your opponent three 25 point rally games.  Each night of play we will record how many games your team won or lost.  You must win by 2 points.

 - A team must be ready to play within 5 minutes of the scheduled starting time to avoid forfeiting the first game.  You should have six players on the floor, but you may play with 4 or 5 and still avoid forfeiting.  If you don’t have enough players by 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time, you must forfeit all three games.  Any team who forfeits the match on more than one night is automatically dropped from the league.

 - Because of the number of teams and the complexity of the schedule, no requests for changed playing times will be honored.  You must play as scheduled.

 - Once we get into crossover pool play and tournaments, competition will become a  2 out of 3 match with 25 point rally games.  Championship play will then become a 3 out of 5 match with 25 point rally games.  If championship play goes to 5 games, the fifth game is played as a 15 point rally game.

 - Score keeping will be done with flip cards located on the side of the court opposite the referee and kept by subs waiting to enter or spectators.  The referee will make sure when points are awarded that the score is properly kept.

 - There will be one official per court.  The official will make all line calls that they can clearly see.  They may request an honor call if they could not see the call.  If no determination can be made as to whether a ball was in or out the point will be replayed.

 - There is no limit to the number of substitutions you can make.  You may either use the standard method of substitution (which means you must always replace the same player with his/her sub), or you may substitute by rotation.

 - A coin flip will be conducted before the first game.  The team winning the flip may choose first serve for the first and third games or choice of court in the first and third games.

 - Each team is permitted one 30 second time out per game.

 - Illegal hits (held ball) will be called at the discretion of the official.

 - No net antennae will be used.

 - Woman will play on a 7'4" net, men on a 7'8" net.

 - Everything is rally scoring.  (Every serve is a point for someone)
 Remember other basic rules-

1. A ball that hits the line is good.

2. You may not touch the net.

3. A serve that touches the net is considered a good serve and play should continue.

4. You may continue to play a ball that hits the ceiling as long as it stays on your side of the net and you have a hit left.

5. A block does not count as one of your three hits.

6. If you are a back row player you may not spike or block in front of the 10 foot line.

7. You cannot come down with your foot completely across the center line.

8. On a serve, you must stay completely behind the service line until the ball is contacted.  Touching the line is a foot fault.

9.  It is not permissible to block a serve.

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