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Softball 2011 : Rules
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Standard slow pitch rules will be played with the following modifications:

  1. No more than 10 players may play at one time. A team must have a minimum of seven players to avoid a forfeit. A team must be ready to play within 5 minutes of its scheduled starting time to avoid a forfeit.
  2. Each game will consist of 7 innings or a one hour time limit, whichever comes first at the end of an inning. If there is less than 5 minutes to go before the time limit expires, a new inning will not begin and the game will be declared officially over. If there is 5 minutes or more to play the inning that is started will be completed.
  3. No metal spikes of any type are permitted. Only bats provided by the intramural department may be used-personal bats are not permitted. Catcher's masks will be provided, and their use is recommended but not required.
  4. The team at bat will provide their own pitcher who will stand beside the defensive pitcher and deliver the pitches. Each batter will get a maximum of three pitches. A pitch, whether swung at or not counts as a pitch. If a foul ball or a swinging strike occur on your third pitch, you are automatically out. The first fair ball you hit is the one you must play. After the offensive pitcher delivers the pitch, they may not interfere with the ball or any attempt to play the ball.
  5. There is a seven run limit for either team in its half inning, except for the seventh inning. In the seventh inning, the scoring will be unlimited.
  6. A 250 foot arc will be the homerun line for each field. If a batted ball lands clearly beyond the line on the fly, it shall be declared a homerun. If it rolls across the line, the fielder must play the ball and the batter may take all the bases they can get. For a fielder to catch a deep fly ball legally, both feet must have been last in contact with or within the playing field when the ball in touched. If the fielder lands beyond the line after the catch, the catch is considered legal and the batter is out. If the fielder is on or over the line with one or both feet at the time of the catch, it is a homerun.
  7. If the game is tied after seven innings, play will continue through additional innings according to the same rules until the tie is broken at the end of an inning.
  8. If a game is shortened because of weather or darkness, at least 5 innings must be played in order for it to be declared a complete game. Otherwise, it will be declared a "no contest".
  9. A coin flip will determine home team.
  10. Batting order must stay the same throughout the game. If you sub in, it must always be for the same person but you are permitted to alternate with them any number of times in and out of the game. You must bat in their spot in the batting order, but could play any position defensively if you want to change defensive positions around. There is no DH.
  11. Teams waiting to bat must stay far enough back from the batter's box and foul lines that there is no interference with play. There are no designated out of play lines so you must give the defensive team room to play whatever balls they can get to.
  12. Catchers may get down behind the batter or stand, whichever they choose. Remember that balls and strikes are irrelevant, bunting is not permitted, and runners may not leave the base until the ball is hit, so there is no stealing.
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