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Racquetball 2006: Rules
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As players sign up, they will be placed on a ladder in the order in which they sign up. The rules below will tell you how the ladder works, but basically it is a challenge system in which you challenge your way up the ladder so that hopefully the best players will be at the top when the tournament ends.

1. Matches follow the Official Rules of Racquetball.

2. There will be seperate brackets for Men and Women.

3. No persons may enter after 5:00pm on February 17th. The date that the tournament will end will be announced on the website and will be determined after we see the number of entries.

4. A player may challenge another opponent three ranked positions higher than their own. Challenges must be submitted by email to the person you are challenging AND the tournament chair, Tony Vonville.

5. Match must be played within three days of the challenge. If a challenged player is unable to play during that time, or if the challenger receives no reply within that time, the challenger wins by forfeit. Opponents must mutally agree on the earliest possible time the games can be played.

6. A challenged player will not be required to play more than 2 matches per week. If a challenged player does receive more than 2 challenges in one week, they are permitted to postpone challenges until the next week. You can challenge up as many times per week as you can find opponents, as long as you meet your obligations to accept challenges from below as well.

7. If a player issues a challenge, you are technically challenging a spot on the ladder, rather than a specific person. For example, if you have arranged a challenge match that will be played three days from now against Player A on the 6th rung of the ladder, but before that match is played Player A moves up to the 4th rung of the ladder and Player B moves down to the sixth rung, you will need to rearrange your challenge to play Player B. Tony Vonville will notify you if a change in positions occurs prior to your challenge match.

8. A match will consist of two games played to 15 points each. If each side wins one game, then a third game is played to 15 points. You only win points when you are serving, and a player must win by two.

9. The winner of the match is to report scores the same day the match occurs to Tony Vonville. If the challenger wins the match the two players swap ranks.

10. Player rankings will be updated daily and can be checked by going to the Muskingum Hompage, then clicking on the athletics link, then the intramural link, and the racquetball section.

11. Players in the #1 and the #2 spots in both the men's and women's brakets by the end of the tournament will receive a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

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