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Bowling Tournament 2006: Rules
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Rules & Information

Keep this sheet for reference.  Do not turn it in with your entry form.

  1. The tournament is open to students, faculty, staff, administration and their spouses.
  2. Each team will consist of four members, who will bowl three games each.  From these twelve games, you will count the total of the best ten games (you can, therefore, drop the two lowest scores).  There will be no handicaps factored in - everything is based on actual score.
  3. Teams are not coed.  They must be all male or all female.
  4. Entries will be limited to the first 24 teams. 
  5. The championship team in each division will be awarded a $15 gift certificate from a local restaurant for each team member.  A gift certificate will also be awarded to the individual who bowls the highest game.  Second place is a $10 gift certificate for each team member.
  6. The cost of all three games and shoes will be paid by the intramural department. 
  7. Captains will receive verification on tournament week that their entry form has been received and that their team is in the tournament.
  8. If you have questions please contact Coach Newberry at 8324.

In the event that you have a team member drop out after submitting your entry form you are permitted to find a replacement right up until the beginning of the tournament.  Please take your team entry commitment seriously.  If for any reason your team withdraws, notify Coach Newberry immediately so they can be replaced with a team on the waiting list.

Directions to King Pin Lanes
60918 Southgate Rd., Cambridge

  • Go east on I70 to Cambridge
  • Take the Rt. 209 exit and turn right onto Rt. 209 (Southgate Rd.)
  • Go toward Byesville (past Burger King, K-Mart, etc.) and look for King Pin on the left.
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