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Basketball : Rules
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Games will consist of two eighteen minute halves running clock. Tournament games will consist of two twenty minute halves running clock.In case of a tie, a 3 minute running clock overtime is played.Games are scheduled in 45 minute time intervals.

Roster limit is 12.  Roster changes can be made through February 4 meaning names can be dropped or added to the roster.  After February 4 you may add names if you have open spots left on your roster but may not drop a player in order to add one. 

You must have at least 4 players to begin a game.  The starting time of a game will be delayed no more than 5 minutes after its scheduled starting time in order for players to arrive.  If you don’t have enough players within 5 minutes of your starting time you must forfeit.  Two forfeits drops your team from the league.  During the course of the game you must maintain at least four players on the floor or you must forfeit. 

Unless one team has matching shirts, the official will designate one team to wear vests.  Time will be kept on the visible game clock so both courts will start and end playing period simultaneously.  Score will be kept on each court with flip cards by subs or spectators. 

Games and overtimes will begin with a face off.  After that possession is determined by alternating possession. 

The games will be administered by two officials who have full jurisdiction over the game’s penalties.  Excessive fouling, arguing, fighting or other unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and could subject a player to ejection or a team to forfeit. 

There are no three point shots as long as the games are played cross court.  For full court games, the three point line is in effect. All field goals are two points and all free-throws are one point, until the games go full court. 


All fouls in the act of shooting will be shot: Two shots if the goal is missed and one shot of the goal is made.  The ball will automatically be awarded to the non-shooting team out of bounds,  so there is no need for teams to line up or rebound free throws. 

All common fouls (fouls not in the act of shooting) will result in the ball being awarded out of bounds to the team that was fouled until the last 5 minutes of the game.  In the last 5 minutes of the game, the fouled team will shoot a one-and-one, and the ball will automatically be awarded to the non-shooting team out of bounds. 

Teams may not intentionally stall for time on free throws.  Officials will be instructed to expedite the free throw process as much as possible.  Since the ball is automatically awarded to the defensive team after the free throw, teams will never line up.  As quickly as the shot(s) is taken, teams should be ready to inbound the ball.


You may play any defense you choose, but may not press until the last five minutes of the second half.  Prior to the last five minutes of the game you may not play defense in the back court. 


If an official would choose to call a technical foul, the penalty is two free throws and the ball out of bounds. 


Because there is a running clock, and both courts are keeping time by the same clock, no time-outs are permitted.  If you need to talk things over, you should try to huddle during a free throw since teams do not line up during free throws.  Obviously, you can also talk things over during half time.


Because half court lines are not clearly marked when playing cross court, no over and back rule will be in effect.  When games are played full court the over and back rule will be in effect.

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