Muskingum University Campus Rental Information

At times, it may be possible for Muskingum University student to reserve alternative spaces on campus for overnight visitors such as parents or guests. In order to request such an arrangement, an application must be filled out and turned into the Director of Residence Life (Allison Avolio). The Director has up to two weeks to review the application and either approve or deny the request based on student needs at that given time.

The conditions of the reservation are as follows:

1. All requests are only granted contingent upon spaces deemed to be available by Student Affairs and is at the discretion of the Director of Residence Life.
2. Price for a standard room is $100/week. This price includes college-quality furniture (desk, bed, dresser) but does not include any linens or other items. Prices may be higher for a house, townhouse, etc.
3. Payment must be turned in prior to receiving keys for the unit. Payment arrangements should be made with the Director of Residence Life.
4. Keys may not be picked up more than 24 hours prior to guest’s arrival unless payment is received for prior access. Lost keys incur a charge up to $67.50.
5. All guests are limited to a maximum 4-week stay.
6. Any damage to the unit will be billed to the sponsoring student’s account.
7. All guests are required to follow all university policies. Sponsoring student and guest are both responsible for any violations of the Student Code of Conduct.
8. Guests can be asked to leave if the university requires the space for a higher need. 24-hours notice will be given when possible and money will be refunded for the weeks not used.
9. Guests asked to leave due to inappropriate behavior will not be guaranteed 24-hour notice and will not be refunded rent money.

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