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Financial Assistance

Although there is no athletic or need-based financial aid available at Muskingum, International students are eligible for financial aid at Muskingum College, with grants and scholarships ranging up to 75% of tuition per year. These grants & scholarships are limited, so students hoping for financial aid should apply as early as possible. The decision to award a grant/scholarship is based primarily on two factors: grades and exam scores from high school (and university transcripts if applying as a transfer student); and scores from standardized tests (TOEFL, IELTS or SAT). The application essay is also reviewed and personal interviews are helpful when possible.

There is no financial aid form required; all international applications are automatically reviewed for available scholarships and grants.

Students who do not receive financial aid upon entering the College are eligible for scholarships based on work done at Muskingum. Students with Grade Point Averages (GPA) above 3.4, after two consecutive semesters of regular course work, will receive a scholarship of $5,000 per year.

Other sources of financial aid available at Muskingum are: performance awards in art, speech, theater, and music (portfolio and/or auditions required, videos accepted); science division scholarships, sibling credit for two or more students from the same immediate family enrolled simultaneously, and Presbyterian grants for members of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. These awards are $500 each with a maximum additional total of $1000. Limited financial aid is available for exceptional students entering through the English Support Program. Limited financial aid is also available in the form of part time, on-campus employment ($5.15/hour, for up to 20 hours per week during the semester, and 40 hours per week during semester breaks).

Other Scholarship and Financial Aid Resources

Be careful when you are searching for information on scholarships for studying in the United States. Avoid offers that seem
"too good to be true" or that promise that they will find you a scholarship or sponsor in exchange for money. It is easy to lose money to scholarship fraud. The following Internet sites provide information on additional funding opportunities for international students. Please be aware that Muskingum College is not directly or indirectly affiliated with any of the websites below, nor are they endorsed by Muskingum. The information is provided as a service for students to begin their own research in alternative educational loans.

Alternative Loan Information

The following sites will link you to private banks or lending institutions that provide international students with loan options. Alternative loan programs vary in many ways, such as interest rate and enrollment requirements and most likely will require you to have a U.S. citizen as a co-signer. Loan money is borrowed money that must be repaid at a later date. Be sure that you understand the terms and conditions of the loan before you sign anything.