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Library Renovation

Muskingum University Library Events

Author Talks

Author Talks showcase on-campus and local authors. They are held on Thursday afternoons at 3:30 in the Library Research Room. Light refreshments are provided.

  • Vivian Wagner - September 16
    Vivian Wagner, Assistant Professor of Journalism here at Muskingum University, will share her latest publication, FIDDLE: One Woman, Four Strings, and 8,000 Miles of Music. Part memoir, part travel narrative, and part music history, Fiddle (Citadel/Kensington, 2010) chronicles Vivian Wagner's journeys through fiddle subcultures around the country, from Ohio to Tennessee to Texas to Louisiana, and her sometimes stumbling attempts to become a fiddler. It's a book about Scottish, Irish, old-time, klezmer, Cajun, and bluegrass fiddling, about divorce, and about improvisation, evolution, and change.

  • Patti Mauro - October 21
    Patti Earned her BA at Muskingum in 1988 and is returning to share her found memories of Muskingum through her book, Safe from the Past.The book is an inspirational tale, written to help youths ages 12-18 realize they can accomplish great things if they put their minds to it. Patricia grew up in Appalachia and struggled as a student here. She channeled those experiences into inspiring other students to reach for their goals.

  • Naomi Chapman - November 18
    Ms. Champman resides in Fostoria Ohio. She is a single parent who is working her way through a degree in nuclear power. About her writing, Chapman says, “Obviously I love writing.  What I write is fiction.  Nothing is real.  What I write is just writing, it's not me.  I am just a boring, quiet, shy person who minds my own business.  What I write is just what comes out when my paper and pencil get together.  I do have a crazy imagination and it doesn't take much to scare me.  Once my shadow scared me.  Seriously.  So a lot of the things I write scare me.” Chapman is the author of Secret Past, Digby Lake Killer, Wallet of Death, Criminal Company and Bathroom Strangler.

Student Workshop Series

Our Student Workshop Series is held on Sundays at 8 pm in the Chess Center.

  • Evaluating Sources - September 26
    Confused about what sources are best for your research? Unsure how to tell what information you can trust? Want to know what types of sources make your professors happy? Drop in on the library's 'Evaluate Your Sources' Student Workshop and learn how to apply the everyday evaluation skills you already have to the research you do for class!

  • Avoiding Plagiarism - October 3 & November 14
    Plagiarism is a growing problem across the nation. In many cases plagiarism is committed because of a lack of knowledge. Want to know how you can easily avoid plagiarism and its consequences? Join us for our Plagiarism workshop to learn about Muskingum’s plagiarism policies and how you can easily avoid the mistakes that lead to plagiarism.

  • Cite It: APA - October 24 & December 5
    Are you sometimes confused about how to cite resources using the APA style? Do you wonder how to format your papers correctly according to APA guidelines? At the workshop you will learn how to format research papers, cite your sources and create a works cited page.  The presentation will focus on putting you in contact with useful tools, not memorizing formats.

  • Cite It: MLA - November 21
    Are you sometimes confused with how to cite resources according to MLA guidelines? Do you wish you knew where to find information on citations? Join us for our Library Student Workshop and learn how! We’ll teach you when to cite, how to cite the most common types of sources and show you were to find citation references.


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