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Library Renovation

Muskingum University Library Events

Author Talks

Fall 2014

Author Talks showcase campus and local authors. They are held on Thursday afternoons at 3:30, in Boyd Science Center, room 336. Light refreshments are provided.

Thursday, Sept. 18: 3:30-4:30 p.m. Dr. Peter Gosnell

Peter Gosnell’s most recent book, The Ethical Vision of the Bible: Learning Good from Knowing God , is an introduction to the world of biblical ethics and walks readers through the ethical teachings of key people and texts within the Bible. Instead of focusing on what the Bible says about various ethical issues, it emphasizes how the different parts of the Bible encourage its readers to think ethically about every issue.

Thursday, Oct. 16: 3:30-4:30 p.m. Jim Sturtevant

Son of Muskingum’s very own beloved professor, Dr. David Sturtevant, Jim Sturtevant is an educator who has written a very interesting book, You've Gotta Connect: Building Relationships That Lead to Engaged Students, Productive Classrooms, and Higher Achievement. This book is about how to build a strong student-teacher connection in the classroom. With humor, practical action steps for the teacher, and a few wacky stories, Jim Sturtevant shows all educators how to connect with students and operate a classroom in ways that show acceptance, breed mutual respect, handle and reduce conflict, build self-esteem, support students in trouble, and add peace and enjoyment.

Thursday, Nov. 20: 3:30-4:30 p.m. Dr. Amanda Adams

Amanda Adams’s newest book, Performing Authorship in the Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Lecture Tour was released July 2014. Expanding our understanding of what it meant to be a nineteenth-century author, Adams takes up the concept of performative, embodied authorship in relationship to the transatlantic lecture tour. Adams argues that these tours were a central aspect of nineteenth-century authorship, at a time when authors were becoming celebrities and celebrities were international. Spanning the years from 1834 to 1904, Adams's book examines the British lecture tours of American authors such as Frederick Douglass, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Mark Twain, and the American lecture tours of British writers that include Harriet Martineau, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, and Matthew Arnold. In highlighting the wide range of authors who participated in this phenomenon, Adams makes a case for the lecture tour as a microcosm for nineteenth-century authorship in all its contradictions and complexity.

Student Workshop Series

Our Student Workshops are held in the Chess Center and Student Success Center.

Fall 2014

Sept. 21 (Sun): Evaluating Sources 8:00 PM CHESS CENTER
There are thousands of solid, authoritative sources available online today. We can teach you to tell the bad from the good, and how to get to the best sources even faster. Learn how to find online sources your professors will love!
Sept. 28 (Sun): Meet Muskie Scholar 8:00 PM CHESS CENTER

Introducing a new way to do your research! Come learn about our new one-stop-shop resource you can use for your next paper or project. Find articles, books, and more using the new Muskie Scholar.

Oct. 2 (Thurs): Intro to APA 3:00 PM Student Success Center
Are you sometimes confused about how to cite resources using the APA style? Do you wonder how to format your papers correctly according to APA guidelines? If so, a special Chess Center workshop is being offered especially for you! At the workshop you will learn how to format research papers, cite your sources and create a works cited page. The presentation will focus on putting you in contact with useful tools, not memorizing formats.
Oct. 12 (Sun): Avoiding Plagiarism 8:00 PM CHESS CENTER

Plagiarism is a growing problem across the nation. In many cases plagiarism is committed because of a lack of knowledge. Want to know how you can easily avoid plagiarism and its consequences? Join us for our Plagiarism workshop to learn about Muskingum's plagiarism policies and how you can easily avoid the mistakes that lead to plagiarism.

Oct. 23 (Thurs): Developing Research Questions 3:00 PM Student Success Center
Moving from a general topic idea to usable, researchable research questions can be one of the most difficult steps students face in the research process. We'll be talking about what research questions are, how to develop them, and how to use them to formulate a research plan!
Oct. 26 (Sun): Intro to APA 8:00 PM CHESS CENTER
Nov. 9 (Sun): Intro to MLA 8:00 PM CHESS CENTER
Are you sometimes confused with how to cite resources according to MLA guidelines? Do you wish you knew where to find information on citations? Join us for our Library Student Workshop and learn how! We'll teach you when to cite, how to cite the most common types of sources and show you were to find citation references.
Nov. 13 (Thurs): Avoiding Plagiarism 3:00 PM Student Success Center
Nov. 23 (Sun): Avoiding Plagiarism 8:00 PM CHESS CENTER



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