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Financial Aid Forms and Literature
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The following financial aid forms and literature can be viewed and/or printed using Adobe Reader.

Awards of Circumstance Information Sheets
May Term & More Financial Aid Application Students regsitered for at least 6 hours as degree seeking students can complete this application to be reviewed for financial aid eligibility. Students must have also filed the FAFSA.
Off-Campus Study Application You should complete this form to ensure that you are approved to participate in an off-campus study during a fall or spring semester.
TEACH Grant Information and application  

Special Conditions Forms:

The Special Conditions and Circumstances Form is available to families whose current financial situation differs significantly from the financial data which either has been submitted or will be submitted on the most recent FAFSA due to extraordinary circumstances such as unemployment, divorce, unusually high medical expenses, etc. Appropriate documentation of the condition must be submitted with the form.

External Scholarship Response Form

External awards from private sources in excess of $100 must be reported to Student Financial Services and appropriate adjustments will be made where necessary.
Use this form to report financial assistance from a source other than those normally handled through Student Financial Services. These would include scholarships from corporations, foundations, trusts, churches or other private sources.

Next Steps After you have received your financial aid award you may have questions about what to do next. Please read our Next Steps to help answer questions about financing options.
Financial Aid Summer Homework Assignments If you were unable to attend Muskie Preview (or need a review) this is the information we shared during the financial aid session. In it you will find information about how to report external scholarships, apply for student loans, and options for paying your remaining balance.

Sample Job Description Form

This form is to be used by Muskingum faculty or staff when adding or updating a job description for student workers.



Verification Worksheet- Dependent








Verification Worksheet- Independent


This Verification worksheet is for students who are considered dependent for the FAFSA. If you have questions on which form to use, please call Carissa at 740-826-8014.





This Verification Worksheet is for students who are considered independent for the FAFSA. Independent students are at least one of these items:

  • 24 or older
  • married
  • have children they support financially
  • are/were in a legal guardianship
  • are/were considered a homeless youth
  • are/were considered an orphan or ward of the court
  • are/were an emancipated youth
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