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Internet Service Options!

Muskingum has made enhancements to our internet service by increasing the available capacity. More importantly we are implementing procedures to provide more equitable use for each student. However, should any student still feel that our service still does not meet their individual need, there are two new options for services that students can purchase, at your own expense:

1. Students may contact Time Warner and subscribe to individual Roadrunner service using these instructions.

2. Students may visit the Muskingum Bookstore and subscribe to a Sprint, wide-area data (mobile broadband) service plan. These plans are available at a discounted rate, but to get the discount the service MUST be contracted through the Muskingum Bookstore. Also, before contracting for service, we recommend students verify that Sprint signal is available in the locations desired.

It needs to be noted that Muskingum University is NOT responsible for any issues related to the above mentioned purchased services. Any problems or concerns must be directed to the contracted party (either Time Warner or Sprint). Service information is provided to you when signing up.

Sprint discounts (all plans have a 30 day return/cancellation policy):
  • Data (Mobile Broadband) plan
    • Unlimited data for $49.95 a month with a one year contract (prepaid)
    • Free equipment (Overdrive mobile HotSpot device or USB wireless card)
    • No activation fee
    • ONLY available at the Muskingum Bookstore (this compares to $59.95 a month in the store for a 5gb plan on a 2 year contract. Equipment is $50 or more)
  • Phone plans
    • 10% discount on monthly cost
    • $50 discount on phone
    • No activation fee
    • These are available through the Muskingum Bookstore or through