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Welcome to the Muskingum University ResNet Program

2017-2018 Registration Process      

In order to connect your computer to the Residential Network, students should simply connect their computers to a network switch or data port in the room, and then open a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox). At that point, the registration process will automatically begin.

If you would like to register a video game console, please see the instructions below.

ResNet Frequently Asked Questions

What is ResNet?

ResNet is the University's Residential Network, and it is what all student computers use in order to access the campus network and Internet from the residence locations. ResNet is a service provided as a convenience to accommodate the increasing technological needs of students.

The network is shared by all students on campus and has a maximum capacity of 10MB of traffic per room for on campus resources (local resources such as the Muskingum Web Site, Blackboard, MuskieLink, etc) and 40MB of traffic for off campus resources (the Internet). Because it is a shared resource, it is possible for individuals to monopolize traffic, which slows the service down for others. CNS regulates this to a limited degree to make sure that traffic is flowing more evenly for everyone, although, that does not guarantee that service will not be interrupted by problem users from time to time due to abusive use.

What is an RLA and what do they do?

RLAs are Residential Lab Assistants.  They are students employed by CNS to maintain and supervise the Residence Hall computer labs. During scheduled lab hours, RLAs also provide limited training for using lab software and equipment.

RLA's do *NOT* provide software or hardware support on student computers, because working on hardware can void warranties.  Students should contact the company who makes the hardware or software in question. For this reason, we encourage students to consider purchasing extended warranties for their computer.

What is Computer Registration and is it required?

Everyone MUST register their computers in order to connect to the Muskingum Residential Network. 

The registration process includes verification that an up-to-date anti-virus package is installed.  If the computer has a Windows operating system, it also verifies that Windows Updates are installed. While not required, as you setup your computer you should consider installing anti-spyware software such as Ad-Aware, Windows Defender, or SpyBot Search and Destroy.

What are the Minimum System Requirements for Computer Registration?

The minimum requirement for registration is a computer that is sufficiently capable of running current Microsoft Windows operating systems.  Computers running non-Microsoft operating systems (i.e. Linux or Mac OS X) will be accepted for registration, however, our ability to support these is limited and you will need to contact the appropriate system vendor for support.

Systems still running operating systems no longer supported by the vendor (i.e. Windows XP) will not be permitted on the campus network.

I already have Antivirus software and/or a Firewall... can I use this?

CNS does require that an approved anti-virus product be active and functional at all times. Students may also choose to run a firewall on their system.

It should be noted that some anti-virus and firewall programs will not work properly with other products of the same type.  For that reason, you should only run one anti-virus program on your computer.

What about Routers and Wireless Access?

Wireless access is available at various locations around campus.  Click here for a listing.

Routers, Access Points, or any other method of Internet connection sharing are strictly forbidden on the Muskingum network. They conflict with services provided and cause service interruption for everyone. Students who attempt to use these devices or methods will be disconnected from the network until the sharing is removed... no exceptions!

What about Video Game Consoles?

Many modern video game consoles provide ethernet based network connectivity for multi-player gaming. Your console must be registered to allow you to use these services at Muskingum. Registration is a simple process and is accomplished by going to the Game Registration page.  Note: The Game Registration page is only available from student computers connected to the Muskingum network.

You will need your username and password, as well as the MAC address for your game console. Information on how to find the MAC address can be found at the manufacturer’s web site. Additionally, your console must be on and connected to the network. Please be advised, priority is given to academic network traffic over entertainment traffic, and therefore CNS does not guarantee the quality of these gaming services. NOTE: It may take up to 10 minutes for the game device MAC address to filter through to the registration system. Please be patient.

What do we do to connect multiple computers and consoles to the network when only one data port is available in our room?

Network switches and CAT-5 network data cables are sold in the bookstore at a price that is usually lower than other vendors. However, in the event that they are out of stock, such equipment can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Staples, and Radio Shack for reasonable rates.  Please be sure to ask for a switch as they may try to sell you a wireless router.