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Peer to Peer Applications and the University Community

Over several years many different "peer to peer" applications have emerged which allow users to open their computers to a "community" at large and participate in large scale file sharing. All of these applications have common features from search capabilities to acting as players or even servers. They put users at risk if they store copyrighted materials which have not been obtained legally.

Usually, these programs automatically share files from the user's disk to other users worldwide unless specific actions are taken to prevent file sharing. The network traffic from file sharing generates problems for other online users at the University, and violates the Statement of Computer Ethics for Muskingum University. Sharing copyrighted materials without permission will subject the user and the University to legal sanctions by the copyright holders. Federal law requires that Muskingum University take immediate action when notified that someone on the university's network is distributing any type of copyrighted materials.

You should remove peer-to-peer applications from your computer to comply with the Statement of Computer Ethics for Muskingum University.  If you do not remove the application, you need to IMMEDIATELY set your system to prevent the application from acting as a server and thus a provider of copyrighted materials.

Failure to remove the application or restrict it to non-server status will result in termination of network access to your computer.  Non-compliance to requests for cessation of copyright file sharing will be sufficient cause to propose disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct. Additionally, legal action may be taken against you by the holder of the copyright for the material that was found on your system.

If you don't know how to disable file-sharing, please choose a link below and follow the instructions.
Aimster BearShare
Bit Torrent Direct Connect
Earth Station eDonkey2000
Imesh Kazaa
LimeWire Morpheus

In addition to turning off file-sharing, you must also remove all copyrighted material from your computer.