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Technology Asset Relocation-Reassignment Request Form

Whether or not CNS personnel are involved in physical relocations and/or reassignments of technology assets, our services include proper setup and configuration of campus technology. Plain and simple...we can not properly serve you unless we are properly notified! Please use this form to either notify us of technology changes you are making or to request our assistance in your asset relocation and/or reassignment.

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Your Name:* Muskingum E-mail:*
Campus Address:* Campus Phone:*

Choose Type of Change:* Relocation Reassignment Both Effective Date:*
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Choose Service Type:* FYI Assistance Required  
In the fields below provide as much information as possible. If you can't find a Serial Number, Make, Model, etc. just skip that field.
Asset Type:* Make/Brand:
Serial Number:

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Location (Bld/Room):
Staff Assignment:

In the space below, provide any additional supporting information.