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Orbit Media
  Black and Magenta
Student Newspaper
"First in the News" since 1894

Orbit TV,
a student run television station within Muskingum University. Orbit TV 9 allows students the ability to cover local news, create video content, learn and use industry leading non-linear editing systems, and more! Orbit TV has game shows, daily news reports, etc!


WMCO Radio
90.7 FM
WMCO has been broadcasting for over 50 years with the official sign on date of January 28, 1961.

First Circle    
  First Circle,
a magazine dedicated to literature and the arts, is an annual student publication of Muskingum University.
Yearbook. When it started, 1906, the juniors created the yearbook, so it was named Muscoljuan, which is an acronym for Mus/kingum Col/lege Ju/nior An/nual.


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