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MISSION: The mission of the International/Multicultural Student Services Office is to support each student in growing and succeeding in academic studies as well as with co-curricular opportunities. The office engages students in critical thinking activities designed to empower them to make moral and ethical lifelong choices which will influence the future communities in which they will reside and the collective society as a whole.

The Multicultural Student Services Office is located in TOC (Top of the Quad Center) above the bookstore. The office serves minority students as they adjust to life in New Concord and helps make their transition to Muskingum University a smooth process.

There are a number of groups that derive from or are supported by the Multicultural Student Services Office. These include:

  • MAS: BSU (Multicultural Association of Students: Black Student Union)
  • Multicultural Mentors
  • Academic All-Stars
  • Be the Change


MAS stands for Multicultural Association of Students and is a student-ran organization that celebrates diversity. MAS meets every other Thursday at 8pm on the top floor of the Chess Center (usually the 2nd and 4th weeks of each month). For the Fall 2012 semester, MAS will cosponsor the Homecoming Dance, create a "Black Barbershop" on campus, and offer rides to various churches to assist students in finding a comfortable place of worship.

If you are interested in joining MAS, log onto your OrgSync account ( and sign up for MAS.  One of the executive board members will contact you with information about the next meeting or program.


LEAP is a service-oriented leadership program that aims to teach cross-cultural leadership values with a vision towards social justice. LEAP stands for Leading, Educating & Acting for Progress and is a leadership program designed for undergraduate students.  The program consists of a series of workshops which focus on identifying individual values and goals, understanding cultural context, and working to make a difference.  Students must then complete 40 hours of volunteer work to better the community in which they reside. Students receive credit for SOC 120: Perspectives of Multicultural Leadership, a one-credit hour sociology course.

Students may apply for LEAP from August to November prior to the semester that they would like to participate. The application is available below or you can contact Valerie Smith ( if you have any questions about this program.

LEAP Leadership Application Form download


The Black Student Union (BSU) was installed onto Muskingum University's campus in Fall 2011. This new group hopes to instill pride and unity among the black students and encourages outreach towards all races. This organization focuses on Black History Awareness Month in February and organizes a variety of programs for the campus and community. The BSU is part of the National Black Student Union and works under the umbrella organization of MAS (Multicultural Association of Students).


Valerie Smith (

Valerie is the Director for International/Multicultural Student Services and Special Programs. She also serves as the Coordinator for Volunteer Services and co-advises MAS and the Black Student Union. Valerie is the faculty member for SOC 120 as part of the LEAP Leadership Program. Her office is located in the Quad Center, TOC 216.

All students are encouraged to utilize resources that are provided by other areas or departments on campus.  These may include:
Career Services
Transportation Services
Student Success Center

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