Event Planning Form

Submit this completed form at least one week before your program. We can assist your organization in planning a successful event.

If you have questions about this form, please contact Bob Bergmann x8097 or Rebecca Delo x8088.

Event Information

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Brief Description:

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Please only fill out the above questions if you are planning for meetings.

In order to have a successful event, it is helpful to do some planning! Take some time to identify how the event's goals align with your organization's purpose. Identify all the components of your event and ensure success by planning for each of those components.

Planning Questions

1. How will you publicize the event?

2. Plan your budget. How much funding will this event require? What is the funding cost per participant? Is that reasonable? What funding sources do you have?

3. Have you talked with your organization's advisor about this event? Will your advisor be present at the event?

Planning Timeline

What tasks need to be completed? By when? By whom?

Program Schedule

Run through the program from beginning to end. At each point, what is happening? What supplies are needed? Who is responsible for that part of the Program or bringing required materials? (List time, activity, and responsible person)

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