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Welcome to the Center for Advancement of Learning

”I have learned life changing skills. Along with study habits, test taking strategies and time management skills that I acquired from the Program, I feel that one of the most valuable gifts I ever received is self-confidence and positive self-esteem."

The Muskingum University Center for Advancement of Learning has the opportunity to emphasize the development of lifelong learning skills through its commitment to a learning strategies philosophy. The professional staff of the center helps students develop strategies necessary for success in post-secondary course work.

The Center for Advancement of Learning (CAL) at Muskingum University provides academic support to the student population through three major programs.

  • The PLUS Program provides students identified as learning-disabled with individual and group learning strategies instruction embedded within course content.
  • The Auxilary Services provide all students who have documented disabilities, whether in the PLUS Program or not, with reasonable accommodations. Such accommodations may include, but are not limited to, the following testing accommodations: extended time; a distraction-reduced environment; exams administered by a reader or scribe; enlarged print; computer access; spelling assistance

The Center also maintains a wealth of online information for students, parents, teachers, and high school counselors in the Learning Strategies Database. The database is organized into the following major areas:

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