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Criminal Justice is an interdisciplinary major formulated within a solid liberal arts framework. Besides leading to the obvious career paths (e.g., law enforcement and corrections), the major in Criminal Justice will provide an appropriate foundation for students interested in pursuing a career in other areas. These might include positions in the public service arena or governmental professions including law and the judicial system, and involvement in local or regional politics or public policy activities. As well, the major would provide a good background for individuals seeking opportunities in human services including probation and delinquency or rehabilitation counseling.

Student Opportunities


Since criminal justice is a new major, no students have participated in internships.  However, criminal justice students will typically intern with law enforcement agencies (Highway Patrol, local police, sheriff departments) as well as with judicial agencies (prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation departments) and correctional agencies (jails and prisons) in the public sector. Students may also intern in the private sector, in internships with loss prevention, security and safety organizations and private investigators.


As in all other degree programs, Criminal Justice students might engage in research of various types throughout their term of study at Muskingum, but will be required to complete their senior seminar (one-on-one research with faculty) before graduation. There may also be the possibility to do research through collaboration with the Center for Regional Planning, an initiative created through the political science department at Muskingum University.


There will be employment opportunities for students to work with the Criminal Justice faculty, providing administrative support and possibly research.

Professional Activities

One goal of the program is to create a Muskingum chapter of Lamda Alpha Epsilon, a national criminal justice honorary, which would allow the students to attend both regional and national conferences. Students would compete with other students from across the region and nation for recognition in several fields, including physical agility and firearm performance, as well as in academic areas.

After Graduation

Our Criminal Justice program is designed to prepare students for a broad array of opportunities upon graduating from Muskingum, from law enforcement to law school. Our graduates are well prepared for success in advance degree programs, or for immediate entry into the job market.

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