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Healthcare Management Major

The Healthcare Management major is designed for students with an allied health background who hold an associate of science or Associate of Business (AB) degree who wish to obtain a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree to expand their employment options and work in healthcare management. This major includes content that equips the student to understand and manage services and reimbursement sources affected by CMS, the Affordable Care Act, informatics and emerging areas of practice in healthcare. Professionals from many clinical backgrounds often select this major including radiology, medical lab, occupational therapy, physical therapy, health information management, respiratory, sonography, paramedic, and business. (See Career Pathway visuals below)

Graduates from this major often continue on and do graduate work in the Muskingum Master of Information, Strategy, Systems and Technology Degree (MISST) Program.


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Healthcare Management Major (30 semester hours for major)

Health Core Requirements (12 Credit Hours)
HLSC 301 The American Healthcare System (3)
HLSC 307 Health Communications & Promotion (3)
HLSC 495 Seminar in Health Science (3)
HLSC 305 Health Informatics (3)

Foundational Core Requirements (9 Credit Hours)
HLSC 406 Legal Issues in Healthcare (3)
HLSC 326 Healthcare Finance (3)
HLSC 322 Health Policy (3)

Healthcare Management Electives (9 Credit Hours)
Choose Three of the Following:
BUSI 321 Management Techniques (3)
BUSI 360 Business Law (3)
BUSI 415 Human Resource Management (3)
BUSI 420 Management Information Systems (3)
SPST 441 Sports Management & Marketing (3)
HLSH 380 Health Issues (3)

Customize Your Curriculum Plan

MAP majors are designed to accomodate the demands of your career and personal life. Most courses are offered multiple times per year within four 10-week terms. This allows you to:

  • Adjust your course load: take only 1 or up to 4 courses each term
  • Choose the pace at which you will complete your program: take courses in just one term each year,or in all 4
  • Customized dual majors and or/minors: Your Health-Related Program Advisor will help you create a curriculum plan to meet your career goals

Click here for Muskingum Adult Program (MAP) General Education and Degree Requirements

Connect with Jan Winland, the Healthcare Management Advisor. Click here to contact Jan.

For a complete listing of MAP requirements, policies and procedures please refer to the Muskingum Adult Program Guidebook(pdf).