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MAP: Criminal Justice

While many such programs are quite technical in nature, Muskingum’s Criminal Justice program is formulated within a solid liberal arts framework.

The curriculum draws heavily from courses within the social sciences, particularly political science, sociology and psychology, since the need exists for broadly educated professionals in the field. Besides leading to the obvious career paths (e.g., law enforcement and corrections), the Criminal Justice program provides an appropriate foundation for students interested in pursuing a career in other areas. These might include positions in the public service arena or governmental professions including law and the judicial system, and involvement in local or regional politics or public policy activities.

Additionally, the major provides a good background for individuals seeking opportunities in human services including probations work, and delinquency or rehabilitation counseling, as well as preparing students to pursue advanced degrees in a wide variety of disciplines including criminal justice, sociology, criminology and psychology.

Criminal Justice (33 semester hours for major)

Core Requirements (18 Credit Hours)
CRMJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)
CRMJ 230 American Law Enforcement (3)
CRMJ 250 American Courts (3)
CRMJ 270 American Corrections (3)
CRMJ 495 Senior Seminar (3)

POLS 341 Theory and Methods in Political Science (3)
CRMJ 395 Research Methods (3)

Criminal Justice Electives (15 Credit Hours - 6 hours must be CRMJ courses)
CRMJ 318 Criminal Law (3)
CRMJ 342 Criminology (3)
CRMJ 490 Topics in Criminal Justice (3)
POLS 321 Public Administration (3)
PSYC 308 Adolescence and Youth (3)
SOCI 301 American Society: Class and Culture (3)
SOCI 320 Racial and Cultural Minorities (3)

For a complete listing of MAP requirements, policies and procedures please refer to the Muskingum Adult Program Guidebook (pdf).