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Updated: August 10, 2016


Ohio Ornithological Society

Dr. Danny Ingold and three students attended the Ohio Ornithological Society Metting at Denison University. Dr. Ingold and the students presented a talk on "Grassland bird research".


Ohio Ornithological Society

Dr. Danny Ingold attended the Ohio Ornithological Society meeting at Denison University in Granville with five students, Hann, Hastings, Landuyt, Lettett, Perry. They presented a podium presentation of, "Grassland bird densities based on point counts on tow areas of the Wilds."

45th ACS Central Regional Meeting

Dr. Eric Shurter and two students, Deborah Carrol and Cameron Godfey, attended the 45th ACS Central Regional Mettig in Baltimore, MB.


Ohio Academy of Science

Dr. Danny Ingold and Dr. Jim Dooley attended the Ohio Academy of Science meeting held at Ashland University with three students, John Bourne, Elizabeth Bullard, and Jesse Hardval. 

John Bourne and Dr. Ingold presented the poster, "Habitat Fragmentation and Its Effects on the Distribution and Abundance of Salamander Species on a Reclaimed Surface Mine."

Elizabeth Bullard and Dr. Ingold presented the poster, "Abundance and Habitat Use of Winter Raptors on a Reclaimed Surface Mine in Southeastern Ohio."

Jesse Hardval and Dr. Dooley presented the poster, "The Species Profile of Lotic Fish Communities Affected by Lanscape Level Mining Degradation."


North Central GSA Meeting

The following Geology students attended the North Central GSA Meeting in Dayton, Ohio on April 23 and 24:

John Cook
Tanya Jones
Sebastian Teas
Sara Young
Kenneth Poland
Brandon Ogden
Alex Thomas


Ohio Academy of Science

Dr. Jim Dooley, Dr. Danny Ingold, and four students attended the Ohio Academy of Science meeting.  The following students presented poster:

Alissa Anderson:  "Embryo Culture of Freshwater Mussels in Artificial Nutrient Media Containing Different Concentrations of Fish Serum to Achieve Transformation of Glochidia to Juvenila Mussels."

Kyle Axe:  "Sites of Abandoned and Active Beaver Habitat at The Wilds, a Reclaimed Strip-Mine Site."


Ohio Natural History Conference

On February 20 Danny Ingold and four students attended the annual meeting of the Ohio Bio-logical Survey & Ohio Division of Wildlife (The Ohio Natural History Conference). Two students presented a research poster on nesting grass-land birds and Danny gave a talk on winter birds of prey at the Wilds.

Ohio Academy of Science

Dr. Danny Ingold, Dr. Jim Dooley, and four seniors made the annual trip to Ohio Academy of Sciences. Two great oral presentations were made along with two professional posters.

Jard Boger:  "Occurence of Parelaphostrongylus tenuis in Ohio: Cause and Prevention."
Jessica Lade: "Grazing Impacts on Vegetation on Pastures at The Wilds."
Ben Skelley: "Population Size of White-Tailed Deer at The Wilds."
Erin Lycans: "A Study of the Viability of Semen Collected from Wild Snakes to Further the Conservation Effort of Threatened and Endangered Species."


November 2009

Students Fare Well in Regional Computer Programming Contest

Two Muskingum University teams competed in the regional Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) International Collegiate Programming competition, held recently in Youngtown.

One team was made up of Colin Streb '10, Sarah Hare '11 and Chris Bowles '11. That team placed 24th out of 113 teams, by solving 3 of the eight problems presented to them. That ranking represents a new record for Muskingum at this competition.

The other team consisted of Adam Barry '10, Jake Turner '12 and Jacob Knekleian '12. Professor of Computer Science Dr. Ralph Hollingsworth served as coach for the contest.

Each team at the competition was asked to complete eight programming problems in five hours. The complexity of those problems was such that more than 20 of the competing teams were not able to solve any of the problems and only two were able to solve all eight.

In preparation for the regional event, Muskingum also held a programming competition of its own this fall. The purpose of that competition was to help students prepare for the regional contest. The September event was attended by eight colleges and universities, and the Muskingum team of Bowles, Hare and Amy Miller '10 placed second there.

ACM, the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. It also provides the computing field's premier Digital Library and serves its members and the computing profession with leading-edge publications, conferences and career resources. The ACM regional competition was also sponsored by IBM.


October 2009

Geology Student and Faculty Member Present Research at National Geological Society Meeting

A Muskingum University student and a faculty member were invited to present their research findings at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America (GSA), held in October 18 – 21 in Portland, Oregon.

Elizabeth M. Bullard '12 and Assistant Professor of Geology Dr. David Rodland presented Shell Size and Sclerobiont Colonization: Area Effects on Encrustation and Boring Frequency, Abundance, Diversity and Recruitment in Hard-Substrate Communities.

Sclerobionts are organisms that colonize the skeletal remains of other creatures, and the study focuses on what can be learned from this activity in various environments.

Established in 1888, GSA supports the professional growth of earth scientists at all levels of expertise and from all sectors It unites thousands of earth scientists from around the world in a common purpose to study the mysteries of the planet and to share scientific findings.


April 2009

Biology Students and Faculty Attend the Annual Ohio Academy of Science Meeting

Nine biology students and two faculty members attended the annual meeting of the Ohio Academy of Science at the University of Toledo. Three of the attending students (all seniors) presented posters, and six juniors attended to experience a regional meeting. Undergraduate research experiences such as this are invaluable to Muskingum's life science students.


May 2009

Ohio Public Health Combined Conference

Shelly Amstutz-Szalay took three students to the Ohio Public Health Combined Conference in Columbus, Ohio. 

Kelsey Dillehay--"The Presence of Hepatitis E Virus Among Swine Herds in Ohio."
Emily Brown--"The Relationship Between Hamstring-Quadricep Strength Ratio and ACL Injury in Female Collegiate
Soccer Player."
Lindsay Heidebrink--"The Relationship Between Body Mass Index and Ankle Injuries in Collegiate Basketball Player."

June 2009

Ohio Public Health Epidemiology Symposium

Shelly Amstutz-Szalay and Kelsy Dillehay (student) co-presented Kelsey's poster at the Ohio Public Health Epidemiology Symposium on Wednesday, June 17, in Columbus, Ohio.



Biology Students Attend the Ohio Academy of Sciences Meeting

Students from the Biology Department attended Ohio Academy of Sciences Meeting at the University of Toledo on April 11 and 12, 2008  
  • Brock Huntsman (Environmental Science Major) - Presented Poster (Ingold)
  • Mike Zimmerman (Biology Major) - Presented Poster (Ingold)
  • Ashley Campbell (CVSC Major) - Presented Poster (Dooley)
  • Jonathan Grinell and Jessica Teaff (CVSC Majors) - Presented Poster Together (Dooley)
  • Becky Schroeder (Biology Major) - Presented Poster (Santas)
  • Nicholas Hess (Biology Major) - Presented Poster (Santas)
  • Bonnie Whitt (Biology Major) - Presented Poster (Santas)
  • Greg Leasure (CVSC Major) - Presented Poster (Dooley)
  • Jenna Parrish & Anna Belyaevskaya (Biology Majors) - Did Joint Research Jenna attended and presented poster (Santas)
  • Amy Vickless (Bio. Major) - attended by did not present (senior)
  • Julie Travaglini (Bio. Major) - attended by did not present (junior)
  • Jessica Turner (CVSC Major) - attended - did not present (junior)
  • Cessna Cubbison   (CVSC Major) - attended (junior)

Annual Geological of Society of America Meeting, Denver, Colorado, Oct. 28-31, 2007

This meeting was attended by Jason Tarbert, Ashley Burkett, Shelley Judge and Stephen Van Horn. Jason Tarbert presented the results of his senior research during a poster session sponsored by Sigma Gamma Epsilon. His presentation was titled “EFFECTS OF SURFACE MINING ON STREAM WATER QUALITY IN THE WILLS CREEK WATERSHED, SOUTHEASTERN OHIO: PH, SPECIFIC CONDUCTANCE AND SULFATE TRENDS”. Stephen Van Horn was a coauthor on this presentation.

Stephen Van Horn presented the following: “MAJOR-ION CHEMISTRY OF SURFACE WATER AND IDENTIFICATION OF HYDROGEOCHEMCIAL PROCESSES IN A RECOVERING SURFACE-MINED WATERSHED, THE WILDS, SOUTHEASTERN OHIO”. Jason Tarbert and former Muskie Jason Esselburn were coauthors. Jason is currently attending Wright State University working towards a Masters degree.


21st Keck Geology Consortium Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 17-20, 2008

Ashley Burkett and Shelley Judge attended this meeting where Ashley presented the results of her senior research, which was part of a group project, Carbonate Depositional Systems of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Island, supervised by  professors at Oberlin and Macalester Universitys. Ashley presented the following: "TAPHONOMHY OF MULLUSK SPECIES FOUND IN LAGOONAL CORES OF SMUGGLER'S COVE, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS."

North-Central Geological Society of America Meeting, Evansville, Indiana, April 24-25, 2008

This meeting was attended by eight students and all three professors. The students were Zach Elliston, Joseph Foreman, Jennifer Sorrell, Caleb Butcher, Scott Madison, Anthony Carson, Matt Konkler and Doug Caton. Joseph Foreman and Jennifer Sorrell presented the results of their senior research projects. Joe’s presentation was titled “QUANTIFYING LAND USE AND WATER QUALITY CHANGES WITHIN A SMALL RURAL WATERSHED IN SOUTHEASTERN OHIO (1961-2004)”. Stephen Van Horn was a coauthor on this presentation. Jennifer’s presentation was titled “ICE-RAFTED DEBRIS IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC DURING THE PLEISTOCENE (~1.4-1.7 MA): INTEGRATED OCEAN DRILLING PROGRAM (IODP) EXPEDITION 306, SITE U1314”. Shelley Judge was a coauthor on this presentation. Eric Law presented the following “THE BUDGET OF POTASSIUM IN THE CRUST-MANTLE DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENT”.