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Updated: May 17, 2017


Geological Society of America

Dr. Eric Law and students: Landis Bates, Miranda Bishop, Robert Epp, Michael Kennedy, Kayla Maze, Tyler Sealover, and Samuel Wilhelm, attended the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Pittsburgh, PA on March 20th and March 21st.

Ohio Celebration of Women in Computing (OCWiC)

Dr. Alisa Neeman with senior student, Amanda Nemeth, attending the Ohio Celebration of Women in Computing (OCWiC) in Sandusky, Ohio, February 24-25. Dr. Neeman presented a poster titled Mobile Device Attack Suraces. The poster describes many ways a person's location, phone calls and tests can leak from their cell phone and techonology for prevention.

Joint Mathematics Meeting of the American Mathematical Society and Mathematical Association of America

Leah Buck, a senior mathematics student, presented jointly (with a student from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse) her REU research on January 6, 2017. The title of the talk was: Sufficient Conditions for a Linear Operator on [x] to be Monotone.


Young Mathematicians Conference

Leah Buck, Mathematics student, presented her research findings at the Young Mathematicians Conference at the Ohio State University, August 19-21, 2016. Her presentation, titled Constructing a Universal Algebraic Differential Equation Based on Trigonometic Relationships.

Eastern Section American Association of Petroleum Geologist

Dr. Stephen Van Horn and Dr. Eric Law with seven students attended the Eastern Section American Association of Petroleum Geologist on September 26 and 27, 2016.

Ohio Avian Research Conference

Dr. Danny Ingold and two students attending the Ohio Avian Research Conference at Denison University on October 22, 2016. The students presented a talk on "Abundance of Grassland and Shrubland Birds on a Suface Mine (the Wilds) Reclaimed Across a Chronological Sequence".


Ohio Ornithological Society

Dr. Danny Ingold and three students attended the Ohio Ornithological Society Meeting at Denison University. Dr. Ingold and the students presented a talk on "Grassland bird research".


Ohio Ornithological Society

Dr. Danny Ingold attended the Ohio Ornithological Society meeting at Denison University in Granville with five students, Hann, Hastings, Landuyt, Lettett, Perry. They presented a podium presentation of, "Grassland bird densities based on point counts on tow areas of the Wilds."

45th ACS Central Regional Meeting

Dr. Eric Shurter and two students, Deborah Carrol and Cameron Godfey, attended the 45th ACS Central Regional Meeting in Baltimore, MB.


Ohio Academy of Science

Dr. Danny Ingold and Dr. Jim Dooley attended the Ohio Academy of Science meeting held at Ashland University with three students, John Bourne, Elizabeth Bullard, and Jesse Hardval. 

John Bourne and Dr. Ingold presented the poster, "Habitat Fragmentation and Its Effects on the Distribution and Abundance of Salamander Species on a Reclaimed Surface Mine."

Elizabeth Bullard and Dr. Ingold presented the poster, "Abundance and Habitat Use of Winter Raptors on a Reclaimed Surface Mine in Southeastern Ohio."

Jesse Hardval and Dr. Dooley presented the poster, "The Species Profile of Lotic Fish Communities Affected by Landscape Level Mining Degradation."


North Central GSA Meeting

The following Geology students attended the North Central GSA Meeting in Dayton, Ohio on April 23 and 24:

John Cook
Tanya Jones
Sebastian Teas
Sara Young
Kenneth Poland
Brandon Ogden
Alex Thomas


Ohio Academy of Science

Dr. Jim Dooley, Dr. Danny Ingold, and four students attended the Ohio Academy of Science meeting.  The following students presented poster:

Alissa Anderson:  "Embryo Culture of Freshwater Mussels in Artificial Nutrient Media Containing Different Concentrations of Fish Serum to Achieve Transformation of Glochidia to Juvenila Mussels."

Kyle Axe:  "Sites of Abandoned and Active Beaver Habitat at The Wilds, a Reclaimed Strip-Mine Site."


Ohio Natural History Conference

On February 20 Danny Ingold and four students attended the annual meeting of the Ohio Bio-logical Survey & Ohio Division of Wildlife (The Ohio Natural History Conference). Two students presented a research poster on nesting grass-land birds and Danny gave a talk on winter birds of prey at the Wilds.

Ohio Academy of Science

Dr. Danny Ingold, Dr. Jim Dooley, and four seniors made the annual trip to Ohio Academy of Sciences. Two great oral presentations were made along with two professional posters.

Jard Boger:  "Occurrence of Parelaphostrongylus tenuis in Ohio: Cause and Prevention."
Jessica Lade: "Grazing Impacts on Vegetation on Pastures at The Wilds."
Ben Skelley: "Population Size of White-Tailed Deer at The Wilds."
Erin Lycans: "A Study of the Viability of Semen Collected from Wild Snakes to Further the Conservation Effort of Threatened and Endangered Species."