Class of 1959

Woodyard, Owen -Owen has been involved in some form of education for 46 years. After graduating from Muskingum in 1959, he received an NSF fellowship to go to Florida State. Owen started off in nuclear physics, but decided, for various reasons, to switch to the math department. He paid for his 1960-1 year by teaching college math on an assistantship at FSU. In short, he was hooked! Owen realized that teaching allowed him to work anywhere (math teachers were in short supply), and he could remain near FSU where his wife-to-be was finishing up her education in Home Economics. So Owen has been in education in some form or other (teacher, dean of students, principal, college professor) for over 46 years now. The last 41 years have been in sunny Sarasota, and he is currently teaching at Manatee Community College in Bradenton. His wife is teaching Culinary Arts (Home Ec took on a fancy name!) at Sarasota High School.

The Woodward's plan to retire fully in May 2008. Owen has spent a lot of time officiating sports -- 40 years in basketball, but is retiring from that after this year, and is still doing high school fastpitch softball. His main hobby is playing senior slowpitch softball. Believe it or not, he now qualifies for the 70's league! Owen plays (usually pitching) a doubleheader three days a week in the mornings and then teaches 4.5 hours of math two nights a week. "Off evenings" are devoted to umpiring. He has played ball with two other Muskies: Paul Herrmann and Regis McCurry. Small world!

Owen says, "It's so great to have a chance to communicate back to Muskingum. I have some unbelievably fond memories of my days there: living in the Alban Club House, winning table tennis tournaments, playing intramurals in several sports, trudging to classes in snow and ice,and getting the Hong Kong flu and having the entire student body desert the campus and I couldn't, taking and enjoying every math and physics course offered, planning and starting construction on a Vanguard satellite tracking station, playing handball in the attic without a glove and nursing a constantly bruised hand, building homecoming floats, going to dances, and seeing the wonderful natural beauty of the campus as the seasons passed. Thanks so much for the opportunity you gave me to have such a beautiful and nurturing environment as I grew into manhood!!"

Class of 1960

Barnes, Tom - After graduating from Muskingum with majors in math and physics, Tom worked for almost two years as an actuarial trainee with Conn. Gen. Ins. Co., passing the first two life actuarial examinations. After receiving his physical exam notification from Selective Service, Tom opted to join the U.S. Navy and served four years active duty. After active duty, Tom began graduate school at Penn State, working full-time for the university in the residence hall program and pursuing his graduate degrees half-time. Tome received his masters and doctoral degrees in higher education adminsitration and student personnel, respectively, in 1967 and 1972.

In 1972, Tome moved to Wytheville, Virginia, where he accepted a position as Dean of Student Services at Wytheville Community College, remaining there until his retirement in 1999. Since then, Tom has served in various consulting capacities for various higher education institutions.

Class of 1961

Handy (Lobb), Susan - Susan graduated from Muskingum College with 41 hours of math and a chemistry minor. Forty-one hours of mathematics was all that was offered at Muskingum in 1961. Her name is now Susan Handy, and she lives in southern Virginia. Susan is trying to retire and is currently a Tai chi instructor, a lifeguard, and she also does some tutoring.

Class of 1962

Shephard, Jim -Jim is working as a sales rep for a fire and security company and utilizing his math skills. He is also teaching other younger sales people how to do the same, which Jim finds is a fun and interesting way to keep active. Jim had bladder removal surgery recently because of cancer and is now going through chemotherapy.


Class of 1977

Stuart, John - John is working for BAE Systems in Merrimack, New Hampshire, as a Systems Engineer supporting the Space Systems and Electronics business area. He completed his master's degree in Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins and is working through an MBA in Management of Technology from the University of New Hampshire, which will be completed this year.

John's eldest daughter, Megan, is graduating from Messiah College with a bachelor's degree in Biology and will be attending UNH in the fall pursuing a master's degree in Genetics. His youngest daughter, Morgan, attends Lebanon Valley college and is studying business. John's son, Read, will be attending UNH in the fall and is planning to pursue a business degree from the Whittemore School.


Class of 1980 and 1981

Adams, Greg, and Triplett, Larry - Greg (class of '81) and Larry (class of '80) recently celebrated 25 years of being in business under the name of Resource Systems. The company recently built a 14,000 sq. ft. facility near New Concord and employs nearly 50 people. The company offers software applications for long term care facilities nationwide called "Caretracker." It uses touch screen technology to collect and report health care information to help improve care plans and insure accurate reimbursement for services.

Class of 1985

Nolan, James - James is a Muskie Alumni Computer Science major and has been working in the field ever since graduation.

Class of 1996

Higgins, Bob- Bob is currently working as a Senior Software Developer/Analyst at NetJets, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio. NetJets is the industry leader in the fractional aircraft business. The company sells fractions of business aircraft to companies and individuals. It's a very competitive and ever changing business. Check out the website at

Bob has been at NetJets for seven years. He has been developing internal applications in Java in a multi-tier environment. His latest position has him developing an application and content for BlackBerry devices, which are used by roughly 3500 pilots. This application enables their pilot group to have real-time information while they travel around the globe.

On a personal note, Bob is married with two sons, ages 13 and 11. They consume a lot of his time with sports and other activities. The older son prefers basketball and the younger one's favorite is soccer.

Class of 1999

Kinsey, Benjamin - Ben graduated from Muskingum with a BS in Mathematics and Business. He now works for a telecommunications company, Applied Innovation (AINN on Nasdaq), headquartered in Dublin, Ohio. Ben has been employed as a System Test Engineer for 5+ years testing various network applications and telecommunications protocols that run on stand-alone network element devices. He is married to Erin (Schultheis) Kinsey, also a 1999 Muskingum alum. The Kinsey's reside in Pataskala, Ohio.

Class of 2003

Loveland, Pete - Pete has recently started working for OhioHealth in IT Audit. Before that, he was working for KPMG, LLP as an IT Auditor. Pete got married on May 12, 2007, and one of his groomsmen, Ralph Maravola, was a Muskingum Computer Science Alumnus.