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How to Submit an Abstract for Science Week

 and the Annual Fall Research and Internship Forum

Students and faculty who wish to display a poster of research work must submit an abstract to the Science Division office. The abstract should be in Microsoft Word format and should be sent as an email attachment to

Please write the abstract in a professional, non-casual manner (no first or second person) when describing your research or internship. The abstract should be about 1/2 page in length.

The abstract should include the following information (PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR DEPARTMENT OR PROGRAM; ex.: Department of Chemistry, or Conservation Science Program):

Author or Authors
Department or Program

Abstract body

The following is an example:

Craig Hilliard
Neuroscience Program

Spinal cord injuries are becoming more and more prevalent in the world. As a result of more high impact sports and faster cars treatments are being pushed to the forefront of medical research. One such new treatment is the corticosteroid Prednisone. In this experiment the effects of Prednisone on cognitive ability in rats was tested. A group of ten adult rats were injected with the drug while another group served as control. The subjects were injected daily over a period of twenty-six days and tested twice during this time period, once beginning on day 14 and again after 23 days of treatment. They were tested in the Morris Water Maze, a test of spatial memory. Animals were given four trials a day for three successive days. Overall, Prednisone significantly impaired the performance of the rats. These results have implications for the continued therapeutic use of this drug.

Updated: September 21, 2016