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February 8 , 2009
Muskingum University Home

In this issue:

  • Congratulations to the Muskingum University Nursing Students!
  • Wildlife Resource Center Internship Opportunity
  • Biology Career Information

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Mad Scientist 1
Green Sea Slub

From Wired Science...

It's east being green for a sea slug that has stolen enough genes to become the first animal shown to make chlorophyll like a plant.

Once a slug has slurped its first chloroplast meal from one of its few favored species of algae, the slug does not have to eat again for the rest of its life. All it has to do is sunbathe.


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Congratulations to the Muskingum University Nursing Students!

The following message was sent to the sophomore students currently enrolled in Introduction to Medical/Surgical Nursing (NURS 250) by one of their clinical instructors on January 28, 2010.

“I wanted to share with you that today I received compliments from 4 different staff members in different areas on how impressed they were with you. They each said they compared you with other nursing school groups we have had here at [hospital], and they notice a huge difference. You present yourself as mature young adults. You are very respectful, inquisitive, attentive, responsible, professional, social, etc. They also were impressed that you were writing things down, looking things up, not doing things without asking first, and that your uniforms looked nice and clean. They appreciated your infection control practices, especially the frequent hand washing! They see you as becoming excellent critical thinkers-something they do not see with our other nursing school groups. I did expect this higher standard of bachelor nursing students, and I cannot express how very proud I am of each of you! I knew we would be critiqued, and I cannot thank-you enough for representing Muskingum [Univeristy] so well.”

Our Published Mission

The Department of Nursing reflects the mission of Muskingum University by providing quality nursing education which fosters critical thinking, positive action, ethical sensitivity and spiritual growth within the context of a caring community.  Liberally educated nursing graduates are able to integrate knowledge, skills and values from the arts and sciences to provide safe quality nursing care, to act as advocates for families, groups and communities and to manage twenty-first century changes in the health care system.


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Wildlife Resource Center Internship Opportunity

WILDLIFE RESOURCE CENTER INTERN: A temporary, full-time position. Pay: $8.25/hour.  College credit as approved by applicant’s institution and advisor.  Housing available on a first-come basis, at $50/week. Intern utilizing housing needs to provide own vehicle to report to work site. Dates: Mid/late May through mid/late August 2010; 40 hour work week, weekend and/or evening work may be required.  12 week duration.

Location: McHenry County Conservation District, Wonder Lake, Illinois.

Qual: College student or beginning professional in biology, environmental education, or related field.  Possess current, valid driver’s license.  Involves work both inside and outside in all weather conditions.  Work involves lifting up to 50 lbs, walking, standing, sitting, and climbing stairs.  Requires a sighted individual (vision corrected to 20/20) to assist with care of animals and programs, and with normal hearing (corrected to within a normal audible range) for interacting with employees and public.  Possible work hazards include working in close proximity with birds of prey, rodents, and reptiles; as well as using chemicals (e.g. disinfectants).  International interns accepted through Council Exchanges only.

Duties: Assist in the care of the resident raptors, reptiles, feeder colonies, and rehabilitating wildlife.  Assist with the propagation and rearing of fish and reptiles.  Contribute to environmental education programs and the development of program materials.  Assist with cage maintenance and repair.  Respond to wildlife related inquiries from the general public. Intern gains an understanding of the requirements necessary for caring for wildlife in captive environments and delivering environmental education programs.  Interns also have the opportunity to learn about overall Conservation District operations through daylong experiences with other departments such as Planning & Development, Natural Resource Management, Police, Education, Communications, and/or Land & Facilities.

Appl: Send cover letter, resume, dates of availability, (unofficial) transcript, and 3 references to:

Contact: Wildlife Resource Center—Internship, McHenry County Conservation District, 6419 Giant Oaks Road, Wonder Lake, IL 60097-8126. Ph: 815-728-8307, Fax: 815-653-2074, Email:

Filing Date: 05/10/10.

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Biology Career Information

Biologists study all aspects of life, including body processes and the relationship to the environment. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for biologists will increase by 9% through 2016, for all types of biologists.

Biologist Median Salary Range

(Includes all, not just starting salaries)

Biochemists and Biophysicists
$44,320 - $139,440
$38,240 - $111,300
$33,550 - $90,850
Food Scientists
$33,790 - $101,030
Other Bio
$35,620 - $101,030

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