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February 15 , 2009
Muskingum University Home

In this issue:

  • Barnard Chemistry Summer 2010 Research Program
  • Undergraduate Summer Internships in Geological Science

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Pliable power pack will let gadgets feed on your body

Mad Scientist 1

From NewScientist...

SHEETS of material that produce voltage when flexed could generate power from the motion of the human body.

Previous materials were either too rigid or too inefficient to be practical as pliable power generators. Now two research teams have solved the problem using different approaches. The materials could allow future medical implants to harvest their own power, by using the pulsing of arteries, for example.

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Barnard Chemistry Summer 2010 Research Program

General Information

Applications are due Friday, February 26, 2010, to Ms. Molly Gill, 504A Altschul or

We encourage applicants to speak with faculty members individually. 

Stipends:  $4000 for 10 weeks.  Housing is included.  Start date negotiated with research advisor.

Typically 12-15 students are offered positions.  In recent years, we have had many more applicants than we have been able to accommodate.  Thus you are strongly encouraged to apply elsewhere too.


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Undergraduate Summer Internships in Geological Science

Check it out! Summer Internships


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