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Christopher, Paul - Paul was involved in proposing a new satellite communication concept at the Ka and Broadband Conference in September 2008 in Matera Italy. An inclined elliptic satellite with special eccentricity to replace geostationary systems is proposed. The satellite uses a key antenna development of the late distinguished colleague, William T. Brandon of the MITRE Corp.

View Proposal


Krier (Overslaugh), Ann - Here is Ann's creative update:

"I don't do anything computer science related, except call Roadrunner to get them to explain to me why the internet service is so slow.

My first two 'real jobs' were people jobs and didn't involve a computer at all. I did take advantage of cell phones the minute they became available. The first one I owned weighed about eight pounds. It was really cool to carry that purse sized thing into a bar and then talk to my peeps. I saved the first bill because it was more than the total of all the payments on my first car, the Green Hornet. My current cell phone is so retro that it doesn't even take pictures!

I went to grad school to study Marketing. I owned a marketing rep group in upstate New York working from my Saratoga Springs office. I met my husband Jim while learning how to specify patient tray make-up conveyors (hospital trays). We were married, I sold the group and moved to south Jersey for about five years. Later, given the opportunity, we moved to NC where I am currently the Vice President of TriMark Foodcraft in Winston Salem, NC. We design, install and project manage commercial food service facilities (cafetarias, prisions, hotels etc.). I negotiate multi-million dollar contracts, and in my spare time do consulting for the creative industry - glue, beads, paper, etc., and writing books.

I love Facebook and hate Twitter and spam. I need way more than 140 characters to express my opinion.

I have three 'kids'. The oldest, my son Mike, graduated from the University of Buffalo with a dual major in computers and history. My other two children, Brett and Maggie Sue are working on getting through middle school (13 and 10 year olds) and can do way more with computers now than I ever did in the 80's. We have two football players, a lacrosse player and a soccer player among them. All three are way smarter than we will ever be. We have a golden retriever named Murphy.

My husband owns a consulting firm and I built his website from a Go Daddy "kit" - This is the most computer programming that I have done since college! So I am afraid that I am not much of an inspiration to any comp. sci. majors or do they call that IT now?... My motto has always been if you can pay someone else to do it, then you should."

Ann "Overslaugh" Krier, 1984
Author, designer, creative consultant to the industry
Design One World, Inc.
Creative Weekly - the internationally syndicated craft column


Harvey, Ryan - Ryan is the Associate Director of Computer and Network Services at Muskingum College.


Crawford, Mike - Mike is currently the Director of IT at United Titanium, Inc. in Wooster, Ohio. He celebrated his ten-year anniversary with United Titanium in March of 2009.


Kaufmann (Hetrick), Mary - Mary was a computer science and business major at Muskingum. She is currently Assistant Professor of Informatics at Muskingum teaching in the MISST program (Master of Information Strategy Systems and Technology). Mary also serves as the program manager for MISST.

Mary lives on a farm in Dresden with her husband Brad ('88) and two kids Emily (15) and William (11). The Kaufmann's have been back in southeastern Ohio for about 13 years and for most of that time, Mary was working at the Longaberger Company. Prior to that, she was with Ameritech, now AT&T, in Cleveland for almost a decade. For most of her career, Mary has worked at the intersection of business strategy and technology. Her new role at Muskingum is a natural next step as a faculty member working with the MISST graduate students.

Mary earned an MBA from Baldwin-Wallace in 1990 and an M DIV from Ashland Theological Seminary in 2008.


Turis, Jennifer - Jennifer is presently a high school mathematics teacher in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. In March 2008, Jennifer got engaged to Craig Moser. The wedding is planned for August 15, 2009.


Cole, Cheryl - Cheryl teaches Algebra I and Geometry at Miamisburg High School.