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Logo The content below is information specific to this academic department's fields of interest.

Artificial Intelligence Project

Students in the Artificial Intelligence Class worked on a project using neural networks and nursing home data from Resource Systems a company in New Concord, Ohio. Resource Systems is the developer of Caretracker, the leading data collection system in long-term care. The company was started by two Muskingum alums, Greg Adams and Larry Triplett in 1980. Resource Systems serves more than 3,300 nursing homes in 49 states and 2 countries.

The company made a presentation to the AL class about what they do and what they hoped the project would accomplish.

Computer Science Department Attend Conference

Students and faculty from the Computer Science Department attended the Shawnee 5.0 Immersive Technologies Conference, a series of presentations, demos, and lectures on using simulation technogies in different areas. Some presentations were targeted at designing simulation technologies for use in teaching children and all ages; others were targeted at using "serious games" in business training.

Muskingum's ACM Chapter Competes at Denison

Muskingum's ACM chapter took two interdisciplinary teams to the 19th annual Denison University programming contest on February 23rd. The teams included majors from Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Business. The Muskingum teams took early leads, only to fall to around seventh and eighth places by the end of the contest. Everyone had a great time -- they are looking ahead to the next contest. Participants included Colin Streb, Charles Doan, and Sarah Hare in the "Hamiltonian Cyclists" team; and Chris Boyles, Amy Miller, and Zac Conley in the "Answer: 101010" team.

MACS Students Present Research at Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Week Poster Session

The Science Division held its annual Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Week in April, during which students presented their research findings in poster presentations. Each worked with the faculty at Muskingum, as well as with experts and organizations from outside the campus. To read abstracts of all students that participated, please go to the program.

MACS students who participated in the poster session were the following:

Scott Carpenter: PHASE 10.

Rohan Gupta: COLLEGE TOUR.


Also in the News....

  • Dr. Carey F. Childers, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics, is leaving Muskingum to take another position. We wish her the best!
  • Dr. Victor Keiser, Associate Professor of Mathematics, is leaving to start a new life in Reno, Nevada. We enjoyed having Victor here and we will miss him.
  • Ms. Girija Nair-Hart will be joining the MACS faculty as Visiting Professor of Mathematics. Girija currently holds a lecturer position at the Newark campus of The Ohio State University. Ms. Nair-Hart is currently a Ph.D. candidate at The Ohio State University majoring in mathematics education. She also has fifteen a wide variety of mathematics courses ranging from Pre-algebra to Calculus III and Statistics.