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Geology Faculty




Dr. Eric Law (1984), Associate Professor
Ph. D. Case Western Reserve University

Courses offered:
Physical geology, Mineralogy, Petrology, Landscape Evolution

Primary research / teaching specialties
Van Horn


Dr. Stephen Van Horn (1999): Associate Professor
Ph. D. University of Connecticut

Courses offered
Environmental Geology, Structural Geology, Geography, and GIS.

Primary research / teaching specialties

  • GIS application
  • Environmental Geology
  • Contact metamorphism
  • Structural control of igneous intrusion

Current research interests

  • GIS planning on city development
  • Water chemistry in the Wild (a reclaimed coal mine )
  • Dike emplacement mechanism
  • Garnet zoning and P-T-t path
(No photo available)


Dr. David Rodland (2008): Visiting Assistant Professor of Geology