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Prout, Bob -Bob is still Department Chair of Criminal Justice and Director of the Graduate Program in Criminal Justice at St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota. St. Cloud State University enrolls 17,000 students, and approximately 400 students are in either the criminal justice baccalaureate or master's degree programs of study. Since Bob was hired in 1972 to start the program, they have graduated over 2000 baccalaureate-degreed students and over 250 master's-degreed students.


Van Fleet, John - John is working as a Senior Gas Shale Geologist for Kerogen Resources in Houston. He went to Kerogen in November of 2008 after working for BP.


Martt, Daniel- Dan gave a talk in New Orleans on September 19th, 2008, entitled "An Example of the Effect of Site Characterization on Engineering Judgment and Design, Ewing Park Bridge, Ellwood City, Pennsylvania" authored by himself, Al Hajdarwish, and Joseph Schultz, at the annual meeting of the Association of Engineering Geologists. He also attended a field trip of the damages left over from Hurrican Katrina during the same conference. His wife, Ruth, accompanied him during the trip. Dan has also been working on the new S.R. 6219 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, and a new by-pass in Ridgeway, also in Pennsylvania.

Dan has also been accepted to give a presentation at the International Bridge Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this June entitled "Carnegie Rock Buttress Remediation." The presentation is about a landslide which took place in 1970 durnig the initial construction of a bridge embankment along I-79 near Carnegie, Pennsylvania. The initial landslide repair involved a rock buttress. A.G.E.S., Inc., Dan's employer, did a study in 2000 for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and recommended and designed a tie-back anchor remediation, which brought the factor of safety for the embankment to current standards. The co-authors are Gene Lipovich and Al Hajdarwish of A.G.E.S., Inc., and Bill Adams of PennDOT.


Gnidovec, Dale- Dale has finished excavating a mastodon skeleton in Darke County (extreme western Ohio). About half of the skeleton was recovered. The C-14 date came back much younger than expected, so contamination was suspected. As of January, Dale has been at the Orton Geological Museum at Ohio State University for 20 years. This summer for the tenth summer in a row, he will be heading to Montana to dig dinosaurs with the Cincinnati Museum crew. Dale's daughter recently got engaged and the wedding is planned for October 2010.

The Columbus Dispatch ran an article on Dale's mastadon dig:

Gepford, David - David's latest career news is that he is going back to school to change directions and study computer drafting and design. Although David "fell in love with Geology at Muskingum," he never finished a master's in Geology (after making several attempts) and got hooked on sales in the early 80's. David would now like to change careers and is going to ITT Tech in June 2009 for a two-year program to receive an Associates in Applied Science to see where that will lead.

On a personal note, David is now divorced. His oldest son, Mike, graduated from Kent State on May 16, 2009 with a major in social geography. David's second son, Dan, is majoring in business accounting at the University of Cincinnati and is now proudly engaged. His youngest, Katie, now 12, is a straight-A student at Nagel Middle School in Anderson Township, Cincinnati, Ohio.

David says he "misses all the friends I made at Muskingum." He wants to know whatever happened to Dr. Frye, Dr. Meyers, and Dr. Kovach and Lynn Fisinger. If any grads would like to connect with David on Yahoo Messenger, his screen name is Oceanszzv2. Or email David at


Weir (Baker), Laura - Laura is currently working as a Project Manager for Civil and Environmental Consultants, Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Laura specializes in environmental and engineering geophysics, but occasionally has the opportunity to do geology or hydrogeology.