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Geology Department News Geology Faculty


Gilkey, Earl - Earl has been retired for 12 years and loves not working. He never worked in the Geology field, other than "moving a lot of dirt when in Korea." He instead designed and sold heating and air conditioning systems for Mechanical Contractors. Earl says, "Go, Muskies!"


Scott, Mary Woods - Mary has received the Arthur Gray Leonard Award on September 27, 2007. The faculty and alumni of the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering at the University of North Dakota established this award in 1992 in honor of Arthur Gray Leonard to recognnize outstanding achievement in the geosciences in research, technical studies and projects applied to societal needs, teaching, educational development, or leadership in conservation of the earth's resources and environment. The award was first presented in 1992 to Wilson M. Laird. The award consists of an inscribed medal. (Note: Wilson Laird was also a graduate of the Muskingum College Geology Department.)

The 2007 A.G. Leonard Award was presented to Mary Woods (B.S. '65) and Joanne V. Lerud-Heck because from their first jobs in the University of North Dakota geology library to the present, they have both promoted geology nationally and internationally. More than any other graduates, they have used their geological education as a stepping stone in the service and education of others. Now, they are leaders in library science at two of the foremost geoscience schools in the nation (Ohio State University Orton Memorial Geology Library and the Colorado School of Mines Library.)

Other news - Michael and May are still in Worthington, Ohio. Their daughter, Abigail, graduated from Indiana University this year with a degree in linguistics. She will be heading west to attend graduate school at the University of British Columbia this fall.

Mary Scott



Prout, Bob - Bob has been reappointed the Director of the Graduate Program and Department Chair of Criminal Justice at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota.


Kahle, Robert - The New Mexico Museum of Natural History has a new Triassic hall (the only one in North America). Robert has on permanent exhibit four triassic skulls, Unio clams, and a whole skeleton named Aetosaur stagnolepus Comasuchus Kahleorum.

Photo Y Photo Z
Robert Kahle and adult and juvenile Metoposaurus skulls
donated to New Mexico Museum of Natural History.
Robert Kahle and Phytosaur donated to
New Mexico Museum of Natural History.


Bush, Deborah E. - Deborah spends her vacation on medical missions. She volunteered at the National Hospital of Jalapa, Guatemala in February and will be an August volunteer in the Diaconia Clinic of Braila, Romania.

Deb Bush

Martt, Daniel - Daniel earned a master's degree in geology in 2002, and is working for American Geotechnical and Environmental Services, Inc., in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, on numerous road and bridge projects. Among the highlights are an eleven-mile four-lane highway near Somerset, Pennsylvania, which was drilled in the winter; a new expressway south of the Pittsburgh Airport; and a remediation project of the McArcle Roadway in Pittsburgh, involving old mining (from the year 1760), and numerous ancient and recent landslides. His wife's name is Ruth and they live in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania


Gnidovec, Dale - Dale is the Curator of the Orton Geological Museum at The Ohio State University. He will be heading to Montana for his ninth summer of searching for and excavating dinosaur bones with crews from the Cincinnati Museum Center. Previous summers have concentrated on the Late Jurassic Morrison Formation (producer of such well-known dinasaurs as Allasaurus, Stegosaurus, and Apatosaurus), but this summer Dale will be prospecting the Early Cretaceous Cloverly Formation. That unit produced the small carnivorous dinosaur, Deinonychus, which sparked the Dinosaur Renaissance and was the real model for the movie version of Velociraptor. Once back from Montana, Dale hopes to continue his excavation of a mastodon from Darke County, Ohio.

Dale also hosted a cookout at his home on June 22, 2008 for other Geology Alumni. From left to right in first photo: Joyce Wonnacott Barrett '74, Dale Gnedovic '75, and Teckla Scott Dando '74. The group also spent some time at the picnic looking at (what else?) rocks!

Gnidovic Gnidovic 2


Morrison, Les - Les is still a self-employed petroelum geologist (company name, J.I.L. Petroleum), living at 3270 Riverside Airport Road in Zanesville. His job as a petroleum geologist is to locate new accumulations of oil and gas in the subsurface. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to find commercial oil and gas traps, places where subsurface hydrocarbons are found. Les works out of his residence and Les's phone number is (740) 454-1669.