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Dr. James Bradford

Professor Bradford began his career in physics as a student at Monmouth College in Illinois, a sister institution to Muskingum. World War II interrupted his pursuit of the Ph.D. in physics at the University of Chicago when he was employed for the Manhattan Project there. He came to Muskingum College as Professor of Physics in the late 50s on the recommendation of Simon J. Vellenga the new Chairman of the Science Division and Chair of Chemistry, and a fellow student at Monmouth. They owned homes on adjoining lots on Highland Avenue. You can see him pictured in the college yearbooks with the student members of the Physics Honorary, Sigma Pi Sigma as well as in the collection of photographs displayed in the hallway of the Physics Floor of the Boyd Science Center.

Mr. Bradford was an active founding member of the Muskingum College Sigma Xi Club, the ancestral organization of the Sigma Xi chapter here. At that time, he was an Associate Member of the Society, and he served as Secretary-Treasurer of the organization from its founding until two or three years after retirement. In the early eighties he was nominated for full membership by special petition of the club president to the National Office and was presented with his full membership diploma at the spring "Wise Old Owl" program. He was especially surprised and pleased, as the rules for that membership at that time required the Ph.D. degree.

Mr. Bradford was an active citizen of New Concord, serving on the Village Council for several terms. He and his wife, Lois were actively involved in Village Beautification projects. As members of the Garden Club, they helped plant the Bradford Pear trees along Main Street that are part of the Tree City U.S.A. designation that the Village continues to hold.