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Chemistry Department News Faculty/Staff


Knicely, Bob - Robert Knicely graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. His diverse career in advanced technology industries has combined his expertise in chemistry and engineering. Bob's specialty is electroplating, anti-corrosion coating, and bonding of metallic components for the Boeing Company's AH64 Apache Helicopter Program.


Clark (Havens), Ann - Ann resides in Easley, South Carolina with her husband, Dan, and two boys, Nelson, 16, and Brandon, 14. She is a Staff Analytical Scientist at Oconee Nuclear Site with Duke Energy where she evaluates, oversees, and troubleshoots analytical equipment and the QA/QC program. Ann has also contributed to a national nuclear industry document for an accepted QA/QC program.


Wiser, Dawn - Dawn visited the Muskingum campus this year and was please to find things "generally healthy and upbeat." especially with the addition of new buildings.


Crane, Johanna - Here is a link to Johanna's web page at the University of Puget Sound. It includes her contact info and a few pictures:

Wherley, Rob - Rob and his wife, Renee, had their first child, River Davies Wherley on Father's Day, June 15, 2008. River is a bundle of energy with a mop of red hair!


Yanda (Macturk), Nicole - Currently Nicole is a stay-at-home mom and very much enjoying it. Her three children keep her busy. Nicole is involved in the chemistry-related activity of teaching a science lab at her church's vacation bible school each summer. She enjoys amazing kids with science and plans to be active in the field again in the future.

Sanders, Rodd - Rodd was elected as a partner in the law firm of Roderick Linton Belfance LLP in Akron, Ohio. Rodd, his wife, Beth, and daughter, Corinne Elizabeth, reside in Akron


Booth (Francis), Wendy - Wendy currently teaches chemistry at Willoughby South High School in the Willoughby-Eastlake School District. This is her second year in this school district. Wendy and her husband, Tom, are expecting their third son and already have Austin Tyler, age 4, and Daniel Thomas, age 2 1/2. The Booths were married in 2004 and have lived in Kirtland, Ohio since then.


Enlow, Jon - Jon is currently a senior surgical resident at Riverside Methodist Hospital, and planning to do a cardiothoracic surgery fellowship after residency. His wife, Kara (Muskie grad, 2001) have one child, Carter Matthew Enlow, born on January 9, 2008. Jon says "Hi," to Dr. Rataiczak and Dr. Perera.


Leach, Ashley - Ashley has recently graduated with a Masters Degree from Marietta College's Physician Assistant Program in August 2008. She has also passed her national certification exam and started work as a Physician's Assistant in October 2008. Ashley specializes in dermatology and has joined Dr. Hibler in Zanesville, Ohio. Ashley has a wedding planned for June 2009.


Klenk, Erin - Erin recently had her master's thesis defense and passed. She will be graduating in June from the University of Cincinnati with a Master of Science in Immunobiology. She is also starting to work her Mary Kay business with the goal of becoming a Director and driving a free car.


Miller, Craig - Craig is currently in medical school at Ohio State and sent Muskingum this update:

"Doing dissections on the cadavers is incredibly interesting. It is amazing how much you can learn from doing dissections and how unique each individual body is. My anatomy group of 6 was lucky in that our body was fairly in shape. His muscles are well defined, making it easier for us during lab. I love the material and being here, and am definitely thrilled with my choice of coming here. I was at first a little hesitant as to whether I would be as capable as most of the other students because of my attending of a small high school and small college. However, I am getting through it better than most and feel that I am doing great, and hope that I am representing my fellow Muskies well. I have definitely learned that Muskingum prepared me just as much, if not more than a lot of the other schools that the other medical students attended.

Our curriculum is divided into blocks. Currently, I am on the anatomy block, which entails gross anatomy and some embryology lectures. This block is subdivided into three divisions, each with its own exam. The first division ended this past friday (my first medical school exam). It went very well, and I am thrilled with the result. Because we approach the body regionally, the first exam covered everything (all systems) relating to the back and upper limb. The embryology section was based on the first few weeks of development.

The second division of the anatomy block is also a regional approach, and will cover the thorax, abdomen, and lower limb. Thus far we have covered the thoracic region and are beginning the abdominal region. The final division will include the head and neck.

One other part of the current curriculum is a clinical development component performing medical interviews on standardized patients including giving physical exams. It is kind of odd trying to act like these "set up" interviews are real, but I think it gives us great practice for the real setting. The standardized patient actors actually do a great job of acting like a real concerned patient.

Besides studying and going to class, the main highlight has been the football games. I bought tickets to every home football game. These are, of course, amazing and a great way to get away from all of the studying. It is definitely good to clear your mind after a very long week of studying."