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Biology Department News Faculty/Staff


Reichle, Dave - Dave recently was named Trustee Emeriti of the Trustees of the Nature Conservancy (TNC) of Tennessee. He had previously served on the National Board of Governors of TNC for six years and then as trustee and chairman of the Tennessee Chapter for 12 years. While chairman in Tennessee, the chapter preserved the Walls of Jericho in the southern Cumberland Mountains and partnered with the State of Tennessee in preserving 127,000 acres in the northern Cumberland Mountains, which, now with other conservation acquisitions in that area, comprise state and national natural areas larger than the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


Schrock, Larry - Larry graduated with a BS from Muskingum College in Chemistry and Biology. He graduated from Ohio State University Med School in 1965, interned at Loma Linda (Riverside, California), had a two-year US Navy assignment to Viet Nam on the USS Renville, and residency in family practice, 1968-1970. Larry has been in private practice since 1970 in Santa Paula, California. He has delivered around 2000 babies and worked in the emergency room for 30 years. He is now only doing an office practice. Larry would love to hear from friends at Box 104, Santa Paula, CA 93061.


Bishop, Jan - Jan and her husband have moved to Skidway Island off Savannah, Georgia. They are enjoying golf, tennis, bridge, biking, and are amazed by the moss-covered live oaks and flowering trees and bushes that produce wonderful colors throughout the year. They have become active in the Coastal Conservation Association, which stocks our 151 lagoons with fish of all types and monitors the alligator population. The University of Georgia maintains an aquarium and marine research facility on the island, which they have toured. Jan will be hiking with a naturalist on Ossabaw Island, an uninhabited island that can be reached by boat.


Graves, Robert - After graduation, Robert worked for Goodyear Tire and Rubber in Akron as a chemical sales rep. Then he got the dreaded "welcome letter" from the Army and quickly enlisted in the Air Force, which turned out to be a good move. Robert spent three years of his four-year enlistment going to school as a lab tech and then a nuclear medicine tech. Muskie Biology turned out to be a real asset! After military service, it was back to school for a masters degree in healthcare administration from Washingon University in St. Louis.

Robert has spent 30 years as a healthcare executive and is currently the CEO of Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center in Williamsburg, Virginia and is beginning to think about retirement in a few years to enjoy his children and grandchildren.

In conclusion, Robert says, "I have great memories of working with Dr. Dasch on my senior project - trying to classify wasps by their sex organs, honest! Old Dr. Adams was a real trip too. I recall one field trip for ecology class where he got great pleasure in pointing out condoms floating in an opwn sewer pipe. Oh, the good 'ol days!"


Lord Smoyer, Carol - Carol will be volunteering for a week in June with HELPS International to model science teaching for indigenous Maya teachers in a small rural school in Santa Avelina, Guatemala in the Ixil Triangle.


Wiles, Tom - Here is a message for all Tom's friends from the era of the early seventies: "Hello, Biophiles! What a wonderful journey it has been from the halls of the then new Science Building of the early seventies through the thirty years of veterinary medicine. I think often of my friends from the classes of '73 and '74 with whom I shared may hilarious (groundhog rustling with Dr. Quinn), frustrating (Senior Project, phase 1 with Wild Bill Adams), titilating (Sex Ed seminar with Bill Reust!! What were we thinking?!), artistic (Embryology Notebook with Dr. Saksena), mind boggling (Genetics with Dr. Dasch), grueling (all nighters in our Senior labs with Dave Krakowski), satisfying (Senior Project, phase 2), and triumphant experiences (graduating with all our close-knit Bio friends!!)"

"Trivia: Anyone remember signing up for times to process our data through the ONE infamous Wang console computer in the Bio office??? My best to all of you and your families."


Eveland, Dr. Ed - Dr. Eveland does research for the Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB and also presents papers.

Dupper Gifford, Bonnie - Bonnie Dupper Gifford, MD is the Medical Director at the Anthony Correctional Center in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. This minimum security prison houses about 200 youthful offenders, ages 18-25, who are working toward their GED and learning a vocation.

With her mate, Frank Gifford, Jr., Bonnie is developing Entropy Pawsed,, a nature-linked low-energy demonstration site.


Spence Tuttle, Carol - After graduating from Muskingum, Carol received her M.S. in Animal Science from Cornell University and worked for 14 years in Research and Molecular Hematology at the Cleveland Clinic. She presently lives in Chardon, Ohio with her husband, Chuck ('81), and two daughters. Carol's oldest daughter, Katie, just completed her freshman year at Ohio Wesleyan and her youngest daughter, Jenni, start high school in the fall.

Carol is currently employed part-time as a Reference Librarian at Chardon Library, and continues to use her biology background as a non-affiliate member of the Ricerca Laboratories IACUC committee. She also volunteers at the Lake Metroparks Penitentiary Glen Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.


Gregoire, (Golnazarian), Cecelia - Cecilia's husband, Wayne Golnazarian passed away four years ago. She recently remarried to Michael Gregoire. Cecilia has also acquired a new faculty position, Lecturer of Anatomy and Physiology, at Plattsburgh State University. Cecilia lives in Essex Junction, Vermont.


Brake, Bill - Bill was married in July 2004 to Meredith. Twin girls were born in October 2007. Bill and his family have lived in New York since 1996. Bill is a regional manager for Related Management, overseeing the high rise luxury portfolio of buildings in NYC comprised of 7,000 apartments and about 500 employees.


Aultz, Carrie - Carrie is working at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital in the Diabetes Clinic as a pediatric nurse practitioner.


Foradori, Chad D., Ph.D. - Chad has accepted a faculty position at the University of Arizona College of Medicine beginning this fall. Chad looks forward to hearing about his fellow Muskie alumni.


Smith (Heim), Lisa - Lisa and her husband have recently had their first child, Noraa Mehrin Smith, on October 27, 2007.


Badger (Gill), Jessica - Jessica is currently enrolled in her second year of the Medical Laboratory Technology program at Stark State College in Canton, Ohio. She was married on May 26, 2007 and currently resides in West Salem, Ohio.

Cornell, Jack - Jack has graduated with a masters in Plant Science from Missouri State University and is working ona publication for the Natural Areas Journal on Lespedeza cuneata, an invasive prairie plant in Missouri. He has also published a scientific paper in the journal, Southwestern Naturalist, on Salt Cedar in the Rio Conchos in Mexico. Jack is currently working for Monsanto, doing research on corn breeding in Kihei, Hawaii. Four generations of corn are grown a year using molecular markers to find desired genotypic traits and cross pollenate them with plants that have the desired phenotypic traits.

Nasse, Kristen - Kristen is currently working full time for Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) in their Editorial Operations Department.

Pilchner, Ericka - Ericka is now working for the NPS Natural Sounds Program in Fort Collins, Colorado. The company does acoustic research in our national parks.


Miller (Kozora), Crystal - Crystal is currently beginning her fifth year as a Ph.D. student at Case Western Reserve University in the Neuroscience Department. She works in the lab of Dr. Heather Broihier and they have recently published a paper in the journal, Development: Miller CM, Page-McCaw A, Broihier HT. 2008. Matrix metalloproteinases promote motor axon fasciculation in the Drosophila embryo. Development. Jan; 135(1): 95-109. Additionally, Crystal was just awarded an NRSA (Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award) from the NIH for her predoctoral research.

Crystal married Derek Miller, a software engineer at Rockwell Automation, in August 2006. The Millers have bought a home in Lyndhurst, Ohio, where they live with their two cats, Kuzya and Spyder.

Newburn, Andrew - Andrew has completed medical school at the University of Toledo College of Medicine and will be starting his pediatric residency at Akron Children's Hospital in Akron, Ohio.

Starkey, Abigail - Abigail is teaching sixth grade Special Education in a self contained, separate public setting for students with behavioral and emotional disabilities. Her students are currently studying ecology in science.

Wilson, Jenny - Jenny is working as a wildlife specialist at the Cleveland museum of natural history and as an overhight educator at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.


Klenk, Erin - Erin has changed from the Ph.D. to Master's prgram in Immunobiology at the University of Cincinnati. She is working with the goal of graduating this December (2008). Erin is not sure where she will go after that in terms of working in a lab or teaching somewhere. Erin has started her career with Mary Kay Cosmetics and is having a wonderful time teachng women about great skin care. She also has two dogs, Oscar and Leu. Both just turned a year old and they have a great time playing and going to the dog park here in Cincinnat. In addition, Erin is continuing her work with the Theta Phi Alpha Chapter at Muskingum as an alumni.

Olexsak, Sarah - After a two-year position with the U.S. Fuel Cell Council, a trade association/lobbying group in Washington, DC, Sarah is continuing her career as an Analyst with Sentech, Inc., a clean energy firm. She is currently serving in a position with the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Office of the Assistant Secretary. Sarah is finishing up an assignment with Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary and Chief Operating Officer, and she now works with the Commercialization and Deployment Team in an effort to accelerate the introduction and adoption of energy efficient and renewable technologies.

Sarah lives on Capitol Hill in the District and is looking to start grad school for Environmental Science and Policy soon. She is a member of the Women's Council on Energy and the Environment and often attends topical Senate and Congressional briefings organized by the Environmental and Energy Study Institute.

Voelker, Bryan - Bryan has been accepted to Berkeley's school of Range Management for M.S. studies. Bryan "really appreciates the education and guidance he received at Muskingum."