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About the Physics Club

The Physics Club at Muskingum College is a student-run organization sponsored by the Department of Physics and Pre-Engineering. We typically meet twice a month on Thursdays in the Boyd Science Center. The Physics Club exists to accomplish three primary goals outlined below.

Enriching the experience of physics and pre-engineering students

This includes various events and activities designed to:

  • Encourage interaction among students and faculty in the department
  • Expose students to meaningful experiences and activities beyond the traditional physics curriculum
  • Provide support for student research activities and develop student research/presentation skills
  • Promote collaboration and experiences with industry and other disciplines
  • Develop projects that improve critical thinking, design skills and teamwork
  • Have a little fun and blow off some steam!

Promoting physics as a relevant and engaging discipline

To accomplish this goal, the Physics Club will:

  • Promote student accomplishments at Muskingum College and in the larger scientific community
  • Participate in college-wide events and present our discipline in novel and engaging ways
  • Sponsor public events that relate physics to everyday life and emphasize its importance to human progress
  • Seek out inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional opportunities that demonstrate the importance of physics in various fields and contexts
  • Encourage its members to excel at scholarship, research and community service
  • Engage in community outreach activities that highlight the excitement and intellectually stimulating aspects of physics and the physical sciences

Fostering a more positive attitude about the sciences among young people and the larger community

In recent years, it has become clear that the sciences could use a face-lift at the primary and secondary school levels. Too often, teachers are ill-equipped to teach these subjects in ways that engage students and paint science in a positive light. The result has been that many students have a poor attitude about science and possess a lack of desire or confidence when approaching the study of science. The Physics Club at Muskingum College is committed to doing our part to improve science education in the local community and to improve attitudes about science among the community at large. This effort encompasses many of the activities already outlined related to presenting physics in a fun and engaging manner both on campus and beyond. To address the issue of the quality of science education in the local community, the Physics Club has identified several strategies:

  • Developing demonstrations and activities that can be implemented in local schools to enhance the learning of fundamental concepts in the physical sciences and to present physics in a fun and exciting manner
  • Providing facilities and expertise to local schools who want to expose students to laboratory experiences as a part of a meaningful science curriculum
  • Partnering with other organizations and schools to implement outreach education programs that put scientists and Muskingum students in the classroom
  • Providing technical and material support for local teachers and taking advantage of collaborative opportunities that expose their students to research and investigation in physics