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Major in History

Major Checklist

A major in History consists of a minimum of 33 semester hours.

Of the core courses, majors must complete at least three of the 100-level surveys (105-112), 300, 420, 460:

           Hist 105  U.S. History to 1877
           Hist 106  U.S. History since 1877
           Hist 110  Premodern History*
           Hist 111  Emergence of the Modern World I
           Hist 112  Emergence of the Modern World II
           Hist 300  Historical Research Methods
           Hist 420  Readings in History
           Hist 460  Senior History Seminar

Students may count two of the following 200-level classes toward the major:

           Hist 210   The Roman Empire*
           Hist 215   Introduction to the Middle Ages*
           Hist 220   US Women's History
           Hist 230   The American Civil War
           Hist 240   The Holocaust
           Hist 245   The First World War

For the remaining hours of the major, students take at least one course from each of the following groups:

     1. Europe

           Hist 310    Ancient History (4000 BCE – 500 CE)*
           Hist 312    Early Middle Ages (500-1000)*
           Hist 313    Later Middle Ages (1000-1500)*
           Hist 317    Women in the Middle Ages*
           Hist 318    Nineteenth Century Europe
           Hist 320    Twentieth Century Europe
           Hist 321    Early Modern Europe

     2.  Asia, Latin America and Africa

          Hist 344     East Asian History to 1800
          Hist 345     The Second World War
          Hist 346     Southeast Asian History
          Hist 347     Modern China
          Hist 348     The Western Impact on Modern Japan
          Hist 350     Colonial Latin America
          Hist 351     Modern Latin America
          Hist 353     History of Mexico
          Hist 354     History of Argentina
          Hist 356     History of Modern Africa

      3.  United States

          Hist 368     Religion in the United States (cross-listed with Religion)
          Hist 372     Empires of North America
          Hist 374     Ohio History
          Hist 378     Gender and Sexuality in American History
          Hist 379     Youth in Modern America
          Hist 380     The History of the American Dream
          Hist 381     1950s America
          Hist 385     American Environmental History

Hist 390 (Topics in History) may be used toward the fulfillment of the History major.

*These courses remain in the catalogue but are not part of the current course rotation.

Minor in History

A minor in History consists of a minimum of 15 hours, including two 100-level courses and at least one 300-level course.


Updated Fall 2016