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William T Kerrigan: Courses

211. United States History to 1877 (3) covers the period from the first American Indian settlements to 1877, emphasizing the origin of the United States and the rise of democratic ideas and institutions.

212. United States History Since 1877 (3) deals with the period 1877 to the present, emphasizing the development of the United States as an industrial and a world power.

372. Colonial and Revolutionary America, Discovery -1788 (3) traces and analyzes the growth of the American colonies in their social, economic, political and cultural features and the development of a separate American identity and government. Prerequisite: 211.

373. Nationalism and Sectionalism in the Early Republic, 1789 - 1865 (3) analyzes the political evolution of the new nation under the Constitution, its struggle to preserve independence from foreign powers, economic and social development, and the rise of sectional discord and civil war. Prerequisite: 211.



raftsmen385. American Environmental History (3) studies human societies and their relationship to their environment over time. Focus will be on the environmental history of North America from pre-Columbian times to the present. Topics to be explored include the Columbian exchange, evolving concepts of man's relationship to nature, the government's role in conservation and preservation and the emergency of an environmental movement in recent decades.

460. History Research Seminar (3) emphasizes methodological and bibliographical research techniques in the discipline of history. Students research and write on specific topics to meet acceptable standards of historical analysis and style. Prerequisite: senior standing or permission of the instructor.