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William T. Kerrigan

Henry David Thoreau


William Kerrigan is an Associate Professor of History at Muskingum College in New Concord, Ohio, where he teaches courses in American History. His research interests are in the antebellum and civil war eras, as well as in American cultural and environmental history. He is the author of articles in American antebellum and environmental history and has directed a number of oral history projects, including the Reclaiming Our Heritage project, an oral and visual history of the impact of strip-mining on several communities in Appalachian Ohio. He is the author, along with Muskingum College students, of two books on area history. He is currently working on a book on John Chapman, the itinerant missionary and apple-tree planter. You can find information about Professor Kerrigan's recent accomplishments and activities on the department's "History News" page.