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History Department Dec. 2010
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About the Department

The discipline of history studies the record of civilization throughout the ages. We seek to understand the style, achievements and imperfections of earlier generations in a number of areas of the world in order to appreciate the heritage of our ancestors. Knowledge of the past also can provide the perspective and context necessary for our understanding of contemporary society. As we look at the past, we may be better equipped to identify the significant issues of the present and be better prepared to cope with the challenges of the future. Training in this discipline develops many analytical skills and approaches to problem solving which will be useful throughout our lives. The history faculty work directly with students not only in the classroom but also in special departmental projects, programs and colloquia, many of them organized by the local chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, national honorary.

The study of history provides an excellent preprofessional background. Graduates have entered a wide variety of fields including teaching (at the elementary, secondary, college and university level), law, the ministry, government, journalism, international relations, communications, social and human services, business, historic preservation, museum or archival operations, the armed forces and writing. Students interested in a history major should contact the department chair at the earliest opportunity to ensure fulfillment of all degree and preprofessional requirements for completing a major in history and preparing for a related career.