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The content below is information specific to this academic department's fields of interest.

About the Department

The Department of Health Science is concerned with the vast array of issues directly related to the physiological, psychosocial, and social policy aspects of health, wellness, sport, fitness and aging. The Department offers six majors and two minors in the traditional undergraduate program.

The Athletic Training major provides a quality classroom and clinical experience that prepares students to successfully sit for their National Athletic Trainers' Association Board of Certification exam and take their place as a medical professional all done in the context of a liberal arts education. Students who want to apply for admission to this program must identify themselves as Pre-Athletic Training students.

Health and Fitness is centered on health; and fitness program development, implementation and evaluation.  Wide choice in elective courses allows students the ability to tailor their program in a very individualized manner. 

Health Administration focuses on business, communication and policy issues.  It is designed to provide the basic management skills necessary for diverse career pathways requiring baccalaureate-prepared health professionals.

Public Health Studies consists of an interdisciplinary curriculum that provides students with the opportunity to study human cultures and the physical and natural world as it relates to individual and population health. This major emphasizes broad-based and integrative learning outcomes in the context of the major areas of specialized study in public health, including health education, behavioral health, epidemiology, and environmental health.

In addition to these health majors, the Health Science Department offers a set of majors and minors in the Sport and Performance Studies Program.  The growth of the sports industry has triggered an explosion in sport and athletic-related career opportunities.  The intent of this Program is to provide the skills and experiences needed to prepare our graduates for entry into various fields in the sports industry market.

In the major in Athletics Communication, the emphasis is on understanding and using the tools and technology of sports information and media.  The major in Sport Administration provides students with the basic management and leadership skills needed for administration of sports and community recreation programs.  The minor in Sports Coaching helps students develop an understanding of the theory and pedagogy of sport and coaching, coupled with on-the-field-and-court experiences in a variety of sports.  The Nutrition minor is designed to provide the students with a foundational understanding of the role nutrition plays in athletic performance, strength, fitness, and health. 

Through the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies, the Department also offers a cluster of health majors available as degree completion programs for working professionals holding Associate Degrees in Allied Health fields.  The major in Community Health and Wellness focuses on the psychological and sociological aspects of health and might be a great choice for someone interested in social work, public health, home health services or aging care.  The major in Healthcare Management can help build the business and management skills necessary to lead health programs, facilities and personnel.  Health Science and Sport and Fitness Science are designed to provide the health practitioner with an enhanced understanding of the physiology of health and fitness and may serve as the background needed for graduate or professional school training. Medical Laboratory Studies provides an integrated experience for those wishing a broad perspective of the health field and allows more choice in elective courses that focus on the biological and biochemical aspects of health and disease, and on health communication and management.  This might be a good choice for someone wishing to pursue a career in health promotion or health coaching.  This major could also provide the additional clinical science background needed for career advancement in medical laboratory science.