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What makes Muskingum University's Special Education program great!


Our special education program will prepare you to be a competent, compassionate, collaborative intervention specialist; one who will confidently connect with all students.


Prepare to Make a Difference
Reach Every Student
  • You will benefit from a program developed by experienced and expert faculty.

  • You will be able to recognize the individual strengths and needs of each student.

  • You will make a difference beginning with the first course in education. There will be many opportunities to interact with students one-on-one, in small groups, and classes as a whole.
  • You will nurture in students an attitude of discovery and acknowledgement as a "whole" person, so all can achieve their potential.
  • You will be prepared to know what and how to teach using effective instructional methods.
  • You will gain skills in using specialized teaching materials and supports to help students meet learning goals.
  • You will know how to analyze student performance and design appropriate intensive instruction.
  • You will develop approaches to collaborate with your students and their families.
  • You will develop strategies to collaborate with other teachers and staff.
  • You will learn to help others appreciate the possibilities of students with special needs.

Over the last 4 years (2007-2010) over 90% of Muskingum University graduates who qualify for licensure in Special Education are employed as teachers in schoool districts.