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Welcome to the Muskingum University Education Department!

"Developing Teacher-Leaders
Who Encourage, Equip, & Empower All Students"


Muskingum University is NCATE Accredited!
Click the graphic for more details!

NCATEWelcome to the Web Site of the Education Department at Muskingum University. Preparing qualified, competent, and caring professional educators is central to the University's vision and mission. The Department's faculty consists of professional educators who are widely known for their teaching excellence, extensive professional experience, and innovative scholarship. We work closely with school districts, the Ohio Department of Education, and other universities on a variety of activities and initiatives. As a result, students in Muskingum's Education Department benefit from a strong profile of highly qualified people and carefully planned programs.

The Department, one of the largest on campus, is unique at the University in that it offers a range of licensure programs and supports degree opportunities through the University for students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. For undergraduates, the Department offers three majors and 21 licensure programs. For graduate students, the Department offers graduate initial licensure porgrams, advanced teacher licensure programs and other school professionals programs for the principal, administrative specialist and superintendent.  Additionally, the University is approved to confer MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) and MAE (Master of Arts in Education). Full-time faculty typically teach both undergraduate and graduate classes, as do faculty adjuncts who are drawn from the ranks of highly qualified and experienced teachers and school administrators. This "blended mission" allows the Department to serve a wide range of pre-service and in-service education professionals in the region while contributing consistently and extensively to school improvement in Ohio and beyond.

We encourage you to spend some time exploring all that the Department has to offer in order to "encourage, equip, and empower" all students. For educational opportunities, please click on the links listed below. Should you have any questions, please contact the Department at 740-826-8246.

Our department offers the following Undergraduate Programs:

Early Childhood Education Major

Middle Childhood Education Major

Adolescent to Young Adult Licensure

Multi-Age Licensure

Special Education Major

To learn more about our Graduate Programs, click here.

Education Department Resources


There are 5 full-time faculty and 4 part-time faculty members in the Education Department and many adjunct faculty with doctorate or masters' degrees and exemplary public school experience teach each semester in the undergraduate program.  Approximately ten adjunct professors teach each term in the graduate program, along with full-time faculty members from the Education Department and other departments throughout the University.

Classroom & Technology

Classes in education are held in the Roberta A. Smith University Library classrooms, all equipped as "smart classrooms" with Internet and computer-display capabilities. The Department of Education has 20 mini laptops and 6 handheld devices that are available for student and faculty use in education classrooms with wireless connectivity. Other departments throughout the University provide the language labs, science labs, and other facilities necessary to train teachers for the public schools. This technology is designed to ensure that teacher candidates are able to use technology in instruction.

Education Department

Students must achieve the following to be admitted to the Education Department: a 3.0 cumulative grade point average; qualifying Core Academic Skills for Educators Test scores on basic skills tests in reading (156), writing (162) and mathematics (150) or 21 on the composite ACT or 990 on the SAT combined reading and mathematics score; successful completion of EDUC 110: Introduction to Education; and EDUC 112: Educational Implications of Diversity with a grade of C or above; submission of a statement of good moral character, as defined by the State of Ohio; and successful completion of BCI&I and FBI background checks. They must receive no less than a B- in all education courses at the 300-level and the 400-level and maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average to be eligible for student teaching.

State of Ohio

Students applying for licensure take the Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) tests developed by Pearson Education, Inc. and mandated by the State of Ohio, including a general pedagogy test as well as one or more tests in the content area.

All programs currently offered have been approved by both the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE).  The Muskingum University Educator Preparation Programs have been accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) as well as the relevant Specialized Professional Associations.

                For additional information regarding the Muskingum University Department of Education,
                contact Dr. Rae L. White, Chair at