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About the Department

The study of speech communication is designed to provide the student with an understanding of the communication processes found in contemporary society, an appreciation of the historical, technological, literary and dramatic heritage of communication, and an opportunity to improve skills in oral communications.

The study of theatre combines theory and practice in the classroom with performance in theatre productions which are open to all students. Academic offerings provide students with a complete theatre experience which includes reading, writing, designing, building, acting, and directing plays.

Caldwell Hall

Students who complete the speech communication major are prepared for a variety of roles in society. They may enter such fields as business, sales, personnel, public relations and secondary teaching. They are also provided with pre-professional background for telecommunications, government service, and graduate work in a number of fields such as law and the ministry.

Activities related to speech communication are open to all students regardless of major. Students may become involved in intercollegiate forensics as well as have an active role in WMCO, a Class A 1.32 KW FM radio station, and MCTV, a television production studio operating on the cable access channel in New Concord.

Theatre majors may concentrate in one of five areas -- acting, technical theatre, directing, dramatic literature, or theatre history and criticism. In addition, students frequently combine theatre with other majors in order to broaden their career choices. Facilities include a flexible theatre space and a proscenium-thrust stage. Students are active in Muskingum Players, an organization promoting interest in theatre.